William Zepeda versus Roberto Ramirez breakdown

This is a good step up fight for Zepeda who so far in his career has looked like the best Mexican Lightweight prospect in the division. Roberto Ramirez is a solid campaigner in Mexico who’s only two losses came to Abel Ramos who is an established contender at welterweight and Carlos Ocampo who lost to Errol Spence for a title at welterweight.

William Zepeda is a pressure fighter who works behind a good jab. He is a southpaw and the straight left is one of his favorite punches. He throws a variety of shots which combined with his high output and great punch selection have got him 19 KO’s out of 21 victories. He’s not a one punch KO artist but he has above average power and breaks people down as the fight goes on. His defence is better than expected for someone with such an aggressive style though he’ll always be liable to being hit when he lets his combinations flow at mid range.

Roberto Ramirez is very tall for the weight which both benefits him and hinders him. It benefits him because he can wind up on uppercuts while his opponents can’t hit him however it hinders him because he stands tall and so opponents can land overhand rights and lefts at will. Considering his height you would think he would have a good jab and fight at range but he seems to prefer fighting on the inside or at mid range. He has decent power but not a great defence.

Roberto Ramirez

I think William Zepeda should be able to win a hard fought decision due to his aggressive style and good punch selection. Ramirez gets hit too much to get a decision here in my opinion so he’ll need to get the knockout.


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