Canelo stops Billy Joe Saunders in eight rounds

Canelo Alvarez put on a good performance and unified three belts in the super middleweight division by stopping Saunders at the end of the eighth round after Saunders retired in his corner due to an injury to his eye. I expect Canelo to attempt to become undisputed soon at super middleweight as that seems toContinue reading “Canelo stops Billy Joe Saunders in eight rounds”

Saul “Canelo” Alvarez versus Billy Joe Saunders

This is a 3 belt unification at super middleweight between the best fighter on the planet and Billy Joe Saunders. Canelo Alvarez is great technically and uses smart pressure to break down his opponents generally. He’s almost always in range but due to his great defence it’s very hard to hit him and he’ll counterContinue reading “Saul “Canelo” Alvarez versus Billy Joe Saunders”

Billy Joe Saunders threatens to pull out of Canelo fight over ring size

In what is one of the more bizarre reasons for threatening to pull out of a fight Billy Joe Saunders has decided hes not happy with the ring being its usual size and wants a larger one. He wants a 24ft ring which as far as i’m aware isn’t even allowed by the commission theContinue reading “Billy Joe Saunders threatens to pull out of Canelo fight over ring size”

Billy Joe Saunders versus Martin Murray breakdown

This isn’t a hard fight to predict because at this point of their respective careers they are levels apart. Billy Joe Saunders hasn’t looked great at Super Middleweight but has still looked better than Martin Murray who has looked average and gone the distance with journeymen. Billy Joe Saunders is at his best a slickContinue reading “Billy Joe Saunders versus Martin Murray breakdown”

The case for Istvan Szili to fight Billy Joe Saunders

Istvan Szili isn’t a name many people will be familiar with as he hasn’t fought in many high profile bouts. He has the potential to become well known however as he could soon be facing Billy Joe Saunders. Istvan Szili recently traveled to Australia and pulled off a big upset win over Jayde Mitchell whenContinue reading “The case for Istvan Szili to fight Billy Joe Saunders”

Billy Joe Saunders versus Callum Smith is the fight to make.

Now that both Saunders and Callum Smith won’t be getting the Canelo fight next the obvious fight to make is one between them. It would be a Super Middleweight unification between two Brits and could easily headline the 02 Arena and be put on PPV. It’s a very competitive fight and can certainly be seenContinue reading “Billy Joe Saunders versus Callum Smith is the fight to make.”

Canelo Alvarez versus Billy Joe Saunders potentially cancelled.

Canelo versus Billy Joe Saunders may potentially be cancelled as the state athletic commission in Las Vegas has banned all sporting events indefinitely. They will of course lift this suspension once the Corona Virus has settled down but it means that Canelo versus Saunders can’t be announced until the ban is lifted. Its very likelyContinue reading “Canelo Alvarez versus Billy Joe Saunders potentially cancelled.”

Super Middleweight needs new names

The Super Middleweight division is currently one of the weaker divisions in boxing due to a mix of people moving up and also a lot of the top fighters getting old. All of the champions are good but it seems like we won’t be getting them fighting each other anytime soon. Outside of the topContinue reading “Super Middleweight needs new names”