Super Middleweight needs new names

The Super Middleweight division is currently one of the weaker divisions in boxing due to a mix of people moving up and also a lot of the top fighters getting old. All of the champions are good but it seems like we won’t be getting them fighting each other anytime soon.

WBO Champ Billy Joe Saunders

Outside of the top 10 theres not many names that look like they could be a big player against the top of the division. All of the champions are beatable especially fighters like Callum Smith who most thought lost his last fight. The problem the division has right now is a lot of the big names have retired or are getting old. George Groves and James Degale both retired recently as well as Chris Eubank Jr moving down a division. Gilberto Ramirez moved up as well as Jesse Hart and its left the landscape looking quite barren in terms of good title challengers.

WBC Champ David Benavidez

David Lemieux moved up to 168 but looked bad in his first fight so its questionable what he brings to the table apart from a good name at this point in his career. Both Peter Quillin and Alfredo Angulo looked washed up in their fight and while Angulo won he wouldn’t have a chance against the champions especially at the age of 37. Quillin is on borrowed time at 36 and coming off a loss where he looked like a shell of himself. He won’t be able to make it to a title shot again and even if he did he gets beaten quickly.

Jose Uzcategui a former champion lost in an upset which leaves him out of the picture for the immediate future and possibly forever because he didn’t look good in that fight. John Ryder is coming off a loss and will need to make a comeback before getting another one so hes also out of contention for a title shot. Caleb Truax who is also a former champion is 36 and struggled last time out vs average competition so its very unlikely he gives any of the champs a good fight at this point. Martin Murray is heavily faded at this point and fellow Brit Rocky Fielding hasn’t looked motivated to box since losing to Canelo in three rounds. Both might be nothing more than gatekeepers at this point.

Former IBF Champ Caleb Truax

The current top contenders that deserve to challenge for a world title are Fedor Chudinov and Daniel Jacobs. Chudinov is on a really good run right now and has fought good names in George Groves and Felix Sturm. Jacobs is a two time middleweight champ and is one of the biggest names in the super middleweight division. Hes had massive fights and would give any of the champions a good fight.

Fedor Chudinov

Some of the prospects that could be good title challengers are Erik Bazinyan, Bektemir Melikuziev, Aidos Yerbossynuly, Vladimir Shishkin and Kevin Lele Sadjo. Bazinyan is being moved very slowly so its unlikely he fights for a title this year and hes also not a name that people know yet. Melikuziev is being moved quickly but won’t get a title shot until hes a mandatory because hes too risky to fight. He also doesn’t speak English and the fights wouldn’t be seen as interesting in America. Yerbossynuly is moving at a steady pace but isn’t ready yet and isn’t a big enough name to be taken as a voluntary. Shishkin is in my eyes a bit basic and i’m not sure he’ll get to contender level. Sadjo seems to punch very hard as hes currently got a 100% KO ratio but he hasn’t faced anyone of note yet and like all of these guys isn’t known to the general public.

Erik Bazinyan

Because of all the reasons I’ve outlined it means the Super Middleweight division doesn’t look good right now. If Canelo chooses to fight one of the champions it would help but theres a severe lack of worthy challengers right now. Its likely we don’t see unification’s this year which means old fighters who are decently well known like Angulo will get title shots when they don’t have a chance and the fights aren’t competitive. All divisions go through a transitionary period its just the Super Middleweight division doesn’t have a huge amount of young talent coming through quick enough to save the division from being full of mismatches this year at the top level.

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