Apinun Khongsong the next man to face Josh Taylor

Khongsong is a 16-0 super lightweight from Thailand who is next in line to fight Josh Taylor as his IBF mandatory challenger. Khongsong is a big puncher with 13 of his 16 victories coming inside the distance. Theres not a huge amount of footage available on him but from what we can watch he looks like a capable fighter. 15 of his 16 fights have taken place in Thailand with his only other appearance taking place in Japan where he scored his most impressive victory over Akihiro Kondo by stopping him in the 5th round. This was an impressive victory because Kondo had challenged for a world title before versus Sergey Lipinets in 2017 where he was soundly beaten but went the distance. Khongsong was actually the first fighter to stop Kondo which makes his victory even more impressive.

Khongsong knocks Yosmar Kefi down with a right hand.

Khongsong fights behind a strong jab which he throws often and with intent. He doesn’t often double it up or go from head to body but he does bring it back quickly not leaving himself open for a counter. His favourite combination seems to be the one two which he throws with real power behind it. He knocked Yosmar Kefi down with it though in that instance it was almost a double jab then a right hand immediately which broke through Kefi’s guard. He boxes well off the back foot though doesn’t have a great inside game which may hurt him when he fights Taylor. He doesn’t just throw one twos though he’ll mix it up with hooks and lead upper cuts as well as working the body with a variety of punches. He isn’t the most elusive fighter and will be there to be hit by Taylor however Khongsong doesn’t mind getting into a bit of a fire fight and with the power he has its likely his best plan when he challenges Taylor. When in a clinch Khongsong uses his size to lean on his opponent and try to wear them down which is a trick mostly used by veterans of the sport not a 23 year old whos only been a pro for 3 years. His shot to KO Kondo was a perfectly timed counter when both went to punch and with his power it mean’t Kondo wasn’t beating the count.

Khongsong knocks Konda out with a perfectly timed shot.

I think Khongsong is a good fighter but the Josh Taylor fight is coming a little too soon for the 23 year old. He’s still to easy to hit and Taylor could work on the inside where Khongsong isn’t as good. Kondo in the last couple rounds of their fight was starting to time him and I can see Josh Taylor having the same success as the fight goes on. Khongsong has the ability to vary his attack but he is almost too comfortable throwing the same punches which is why he started to get timed. He could win the fight as he does have one hit KO power and if Josh Taylor gets too confident coming in he could time him like he did to finish Kondo. I think he’ll most likely lose but hes only 23 so he has plenty of time to improve and get another title shot.

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