Teofimo Lopez , daring for greatness

Lopez has moved incredibly quickly since turning pro in 2016 and has amassed a 15-0 record with 12 knockouts. Whats even more impressive is that hes fought some good fighters in those 15 fights and become a world champion by beating a world champion not fighting for a vacant title. His win over Richard Commey was very impressive especially because he knocked him out in two rounds while the other two people that beat Commey did it on a split decision.

Lopez achieved all this by 22 so you might expect him to rattle off a few “easy” defences of his title before trying to unify or even move up a division. He isn’t doing this however as in just his 16th fight at 22 years old hes going to fight Lomachenko for effectively the undisputed lightweight championship of the world. Lomachenko is an amazing boxer and regarded by some people as the P4P best boxer on the planet. This speaks volumes about Lopez’s ambitions within the sport and also proves to me that he just wants to fight the best and create a legacy which is often a rare trait in modern boxers. I’ve become a fan of Lopez because hes not afraid to test himself and I think he deserves massive credit from the fans and media for taking the Loma fight so early in his career whether he wins or loses.

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