Ruben Torres : One to watch

Torres is a 22 year old Super lightweight who currently holds a record of 11-0 with 9 knockouts. Hes mostly been on the small cards and hasn’t signed with a big promoter yet. He hasn’t faced any notable names in his career so far but it is very early on.

Torres can fight on the back foot but seems most comfortable fighting on the inside even versus smaller opponents. He has a good inside game for being only 11 fights in and this will help him a lot later in his career. I like how accurate he is when he throws especially on the inside and I also think he gets good torque on his punches to really dig them into his opponents. He normally gets on the front foot and then uses smart pressure and volume punching to break his opponents down. One of the things that I most like about him as a prospect is that he clearly wants to finish every opponent and hes got that mean streak that all great fighters have when they are in the ring.

Ruben Torres backs up Elliot Brown

His next fight is Thursday the 20th versus Gabino Cota in a fight where he should win but also gain some good experience as Cota has been in with a few good names and given them tough fights.


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