┬áCallum Smith versus Lenin Castillo breakdown

This is a good test for Smith who is moving up to Light Heavyweight after losing to Canelo Alvarez at Super Middleweight. Lenin Castillo is a former title challenger who possesses power and has shown toughness in the past. Castillo isn’t the most active in terms of punch volume and may struggle with a potentiallyContinue reading ”┬áCallum Smith versus Lenin Castillo breakdown”

Canelo Alvarez versus Callum Smith breakdown

This is the biggest fight since the pandemic and potentially the biggest fight of this year. Canelo Alvarez is the pound for pound best fighter on the planet while Callum Smith is a top 5 fighter at 168 pounds. Canelo Alvarez is a great boxer who does everything well. He has great defence, timing andContinue reading “Canelo Alvarez versus Callum Smith breakdown”

Canelo Alvarez to fight Callum Smith on Dazn

It’s been confirmed by all parties that are involved that this fight will happen on Dazn on the 19th of December. I think this is a very good fight and while i’m sure people will find ways to down play it I think its outstanding considering the pandemic. The obvious way to attack this fightContinue reading “Canelo Alvarez to fight Callum Smith on Dazn”

Canelo Alvarez to fight Callum Smith in December

It’s been reported by @ChavaESPN on twitter that Canelo will fight Callum Smith in December in what is a slightly strange move in my opinion. I like the fight and think Smith is a good opponent for Canelo but presumably this fight will be broadcast on Dazn and Canelo recently got out of a longContinue reading “Canelo Alvarez to fight Callum Smith in December”

Billy Joe Saunders versus Callum Smith is the fight to make.

Now that both Saunders and Callum Smith won’t be getting the Canelo fight next the obvious fight to make is one between them. It would be a Super Middleweight unification between two Brits and could easily headline the 02 Arena and be put on PPV. It’s a very competitive fight and can certainly be seenContinue reading “Billy Joe Saunders versus Callum Smith is the fight to make.”

Super Middleweight needs new names

The Super Middleweight division is currently one of the weaker divisions in boxing due to a mix of people moving up and also a lot of the top fighters getting old. All of the champions are good but it seems like we won’t be getting them fighting each other anytime soon. Outside of the topContinue reading “Super Middleweight needs new names”

Callum Smith turns down Canelo but its all a bit confusing.

News broke today that Callum Smith turned down an offer from Golden Boy to fight the biggest star in boxing Canelo Alvarez. Oscar De La Hoya told ESPN that Smith had turned down three times his previous biggest pay day and had a little rant about how fighters don’t care about legacy anymore. Hes notContinue reading “Callum Smith turns down Canelo but its all a bit confusing.”

Caleb Plant vs Alfredo Angulo and why its a disgrace

Mike Coppinger a boxing reporter recently broke the news that a fight between Caleb Plant and Alfredo Angulo is in the works with the fight to likely take place February 15th 2020. Now theres a lot of reasons why this fight leaves a bad taste in my mouth the first one being that this isContinue reading “Caleb Plant vs Alfredo Angulo and why its a disgrace”