Caleb Plant vs Alfredo Angulo and why its a disgrace

Caleb Plant IBF Super Middleweight Champion

Mike Coppinger a boxing reporter recently broke the news that a fight between Caleb Plant and Alfredo Angulo is in the works with the fight to likely take place February 15th 2020. Now theres a lot of reasons why this fight leaves a bad taste in my mouth the first one being that this is a complete mismatch. Angulo is 37 and washed up he’s not the same fighter he was and even in his prime lost to every big name he faced so why is he getting a shot over more deserving fighters? all this does is lock up the belt for another 6 months before someone that deserves the fight and has a chance of winning can compete for it. If this was Caleb’s first defense you could say that hes not doing anything different to what most new champions do by taking an easy touch and that can be excused. Hell one of his rivals and fellow world champion Callum Smith did the same thing in his first defence recently so who am I to complain. The problem here though is that this is his second defense and it is against another guy that doesn’t have a chance, his first defense was bad enough where Mike Lee his opponent showed that he’s an overachieving club fighter and shouldn’t be sharing the ring with a talent like Caleb Plant. Now i’m sure people will try to justify Angulo getting a shot because he beat Peter Quillin but should he really get a title shot by beating a shot to pieces Quillin on a split decision? For me he shouldn’t ever fight for a title again unless he actually puts together a few more good wins.

Alfredo Angulo

Now so far its looked like i’m being harsh on Angulo and blaming him for the fact hes getting a shot when in reality its the promoter behind the event and the champion Caleb Plant who are to blame for putting this together. As a champion you shouldn’t just accept these below par opponents on a regular basis. Do you not want a legacy that will make people remember you? do you not want people to talk about you potentially being in super fights where people get behind you because you never took an easier opponent for a pay day? Caleb Plant is too good of a boxer for him to fade into the background fighting guys that shouldn’t be in there with him and it would be a real shame if he wasted his career doing these sort of fights and never pushed himself to be great.

The other person to blame here is the promoter Al Haymon and while Haymon isn’t officially a promoter its very clear that he runs things at PBC (Premier Boxing Champions). Haymon is well known for trying to keep everything in house and I have no doubt that he sets up every fight with a guarantee for the winner for example the Quillin Angulo fight , the winner of that fight was going to get a title shot even if neither deserved it. The problem with this is that we see the same fighters recycled again and again and while it may be good for their bank accounts its not good for their health or the fans having competitive match ups. I know Haymon tries to squeeze every penny he can out of a fighters career so that when they retire their financially secure and I really admire that however putting a washed up fighter like Angulo in with a prime champion just to get him one last pay day is wrong. Your effectively paying him to go in there and get the shit beat out of him when theres no need. If he had a chance I wouldn’t be saying this but I really worry for Angulo’s health in this fight. If he cares about getting Angulo financially secure then help him outside the ring with Investments etc, Al Haymon is a smart business man and could easily do this like he reportedly does for lots of his fighters.

To wrap this up I think anybody that said that the Logan Paul versus KSI fight was a disgrace to boxing but is fine with fights like this need to look at themselves. At least that fight was competitive with two guys in their prime not a washed up old fighter being fed to one of the savage wolves of the super middleweight division. For me this is a disgrace to the sport of boxing and I hope this fight doesn’t come to fruition. If it does I hope Angulo has a corner team that will save him from the warrior he is and I also hope that anybody involved in this fight takes a long look at themselves and realises that money isn’t everything and that you can’t play with a boxer’s health for your own financial gain.

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