Promoters getting fighters easy KO’s and why it shouldn’t be sanctioned

I’d like to start this smallish piece off by saying that later this year I’ll go more in depth into this topic where I’ll write a longer article about how the current boxing culture of giving prospects fights where they can’t lose both isn’t good for the fans, the sport and especially the prospects themselves. In this post today I just wanted to highlight a few mismatches that are taking place this weekend and one that happened last week. I thought I’d get my thoughts into writing because otherwise with how much goes on in boxing I’d likely forget and I also want to make sure that the fights that I talk about are remembered beyond people like me who scroll down the boxrec schedule to see whats coming up. Without writing about these horrible mismatches if you can even call them a mismatch and not just a licensed beating we would all forget they ever happened and just move on to the next week.

Most boxing fans don’t follow the small cards where prospects start out, they don’t look at the schedule on boxrec and realise that almost all records are padded and that there are boxers who are paid week in week out to be KO’ed. To walk out in front of the prospects jeering supporters and go down either because they know it’ll get them booked again or in many cases its because they really shouldn’t be allowed in a professional boxing ring or at least not against people that are clearly completely superior to them boxing wise.

Now you may think that i’m talking about the journeymen and women that fight week in and week out but don’t get ko’d but I don’t really have a problem with them , they know how to defend themselves. How to survive and frustrate a prospect and often teach them a few tricks as they navigate themselves through the four or 6 rounds. The mismatches I have a problem with is when someone is brought in and they have a record of 0-15 with 13 of those losses being by KO. How is it allowed that someone that gets stopped in almost all of their fights gets to keep their professional license just to be fed to another hungry prospect. Do the board of control’s around the world care about the health of these fighters? They clearly can’t defend themselves so why are they allowed to endanger themselves in the ring. The answer is of course money, the promoters that book these fighters to come and lie down to get their ticket selling prospect a win should be ashamed for playing with the health of people that clearly aren’t fit to fight in a professional ring.

A quick Mismatch that I want to mention was a fight between Natasha Jonas who was 7-1 at the time and Bianka Majlath who was 3-3. On paper this isn’t a huge mismatch however if you watched the fight you’ll see just how bad it was. Bianka clearly didn’t want to be there and turned her back multiple times to Jonas clearly hoping the referee would step in. Every shot that Jonas threw landed because Bianka doesn’t know how to defend herself. What is perhaps more disturbing is that Bianka has beat people and by KO somehow which shows that in certain countries like Hungary its much too easy to get a professional license. I hope the match maker that put it together just looked at the record and didn’t watch her fights and still book her as an opponent because she was truly out of her depth.

Bianka turns her back to Natasha , Surprisingly the ref doesn’t stop the fight and it enters the second round where Bianka does more of the same.

The first sacrifice I want to point out is Elli-Bliss Reynolds versus Ratsadaporn Khiaosopa. Reynolds is making her debut and so you don’t expect her to be in with a great fighter but drafting in Khiaosopa who is currently 0-13 and has been ko’d 9 times is wrong. Khiasopa has been a pro since 2013 and has been brought over to lose in Australia 9 times so far with 7 of those losses coming inside the distance. I don’t know how someone with that sort of KO loss record is being licensed to fight again especially in a country where she’s never won and rarely saw the final bell. These sort of mismatches are dangerous and while these fighters are paid to get knocked down thats no justification for them to still happen and for these promoters to get away with it. On the same card another fighter from Thailand is being fed to the wolves to pad an undeserving prospects record. Thitiwut Ungsuworapluk is 0-6 and out of those 6 losses has been ko’d 4 times , 5 of his losses have come in Australia and unless a miracle happens his 7th loss will also happen in Australia this weekend. Hes being put in with a fighter who’s 8-0 and has no chance of losing this fight unless he breaks his own leg.

Ratsadaporn Khiaosopa one of the fighters being brought in to lose by KO

This sort of thing happens every week and in my opinion its morally wrong to put fighters who have shown they can’t defend themselves in a professional ring against prospects just to make sure their ticket seller keeps winning.

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