Quick write up of Deontay Wilder vs Luis Ortiz 2 and more.

I missed writing my weekly preview last week because I was extremely busy and I likely will be again on Thursday so I’ll do my weekly preview on Wednesday instead. Moving on to the write up we had Wilder stop Ortiz in the 7th round of a fight he was badly losing. I do think that he needs to stop relying on his power so much because it will end up losing him a fight sooner or later. Either way he defended his title for a 10th time and helped his relatively sparse resume out with a second win over Ortiz.

Back in England Callum Smith got a decision that most people felt he should have lost. Not only did he get it he got it extremely wide on the scorecards with scores such as 117-111 and 116-112. I feel bad for John Ryder who after putting on the performance of a career was robbed of his career defining moment. It would have been a great story as he’s really made a great comeback since losing early on at domestic level. His run of form at Super Middleweight made him the most deserving fighter of a title shot in the whole division and when he gets that opportunity he gets robbed in his opponents home city. The judges need to be investigated but they won’t be because it wouldn’t suit the promoters like Eddie Hearn who know that their cash cow will get the decision if they need them too. Callum Smith got the decision because he’s been linked to a potential Canelo fight and unfortunately for poor Ryder they weren’t going to let him screw up their pay day no matter how well he did.

For this write up I’ve just done the two major fights of the weekend however in future ones I may do quite a few it depends on how much time I have.

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