Moloney vs Dharry and the weeks boxing

Unlike the last few weeks we don’t have very much high profile boxing this week and so my preview should be a bit shorter. None of the major networks have shows on this week which is surprising because of how they often have shows on at the same time on other weeks so you would think someone would have snatched this week up.

The first card of interest comes out of Australia where Andrew Moloney headlines versus Elton Dharry. This fight is for the interim WBA super fly weight title and is for me just another reason to despise the WBA. An interim title is for when a reigning champion is injured and can’t fight yet the WBA use it to get sanctioning fees out of people they would like to represent their belt. In this case Khalid Yafai is not injured and will actually unify next year so why the WBA have sanctioned an interim fight I can’t explain apart from them being greedy and throwing away what little credibility they had left. As for the fight itself Moloney should be able to out box and eventually stop Dharry who has never faced someone on Moloney’s level. Andrew’s brother Jason Moloney also fights on the card versus Dixon Flores. Jason should be able to get Dixon out of there like Khalid Yafai and Carlos Cuadras have before him.

A fight happening on Friday that doesn’t effect the wider world of boxing is Saul Farah vs Carmelo Roca. Saul Farah has a record of 71-24-3 at heavyweight and with this fight is just one off having a 100 fights something not many fighters get too. I just wanted to mention him quickly because I see him pop up on the schedule quite often fighting in Bolivia and then taking fights on the road all over the world. When he has his hundredth fight I’ll also mention it because it deserves praise for boxers who make it to that amount of fights because it takes dedication.

The next card comes out of France and I think its headlined by Michel Soro vs Cedric Vitu though it could be one other bout. This fight is for the WBA gold welterweight title whatever that is (who knows , its the WBA). This is just another fight for Soro on his way to another title shot after losing out before and then losing to Brian Castano before he got another shot. He should win this quite comfortably likely inside the distance. The other important fight on this card is Arsen Goulamirian vs kane Watts for the WBA cruiserweight world title. Goulamirian is a quality fighter who’s coming off a year lay off hoping to solidify himself as champion after he was elevated after Usyk moved up to heavyweight. Kane Watts is a 37 year old who while having a nice record has never really boxed outside domestic level. He has lost at domestic level 3 times and I don’t think he’s going to fare any better when he steps up. Goulamirian should win by ko unless he’s very rusty.

The first American card to mention this week is headlined by Junior Fa vs Devin Vargas. Junior Fa should win this however I haven’t been hugely impressed by him yet. Vargas is coming off of a upset win but shouldn’t have enough to upset the heavyweight prospect. Also on this card is the return of Denis Douglin who has stated that its win or retire from now on. His opponent Mike Guy is actually a decent fighter so we’ll see if Douglin can pull it off to keep fighting on.

A card on Friday that I want to mention Briefly is Rocky Fielding versus Abdallah Paziwapazi. Fielding is coming off a loss to Canelo last year where it seemed every time Canelo touched his body he went down. I’m not a big fan of Fielding and I’m not sure where he really wants to go because he’s refused fights with top Prospect Anthony Sims Jr and I don’t see him getting another title shot going the long way at the age of 32. He’s also picked a guy that could easily beat him. Paziwapazi is coming off an upset win in China and has real power in his hands , he’s gone the distance in most of his losses however I don’t think hes going to lose this fight. I know he’s a big underdog but I really think the circumstances are perfect for him. Fielding is coming back after a big lay off and also doesn’t have a great chin while Paziwapazi has been active and had one of the best wins of his career recently. With these factors I think Paziwapazi has a decent chance of winning this. Elsewhere on the card Martin Murray , Terry Flanagan and Natasha Jones return verus opponents they should easily beat. Gerald Carrol fights Jeff Ofori in a decent domestic fight where the winner may get some minor title shot.

A card thats happening at the Historic York Hall on Saturday is headlined by Alex Dilmaghani vs Francisco Fonseca. Dilmaghani is on a path towards a title shot and Fonseca is the perfect next step as he’s challenged for a world title twice and is around the top 25 in the world. I expect Dilmaghani to win on points though I could see an upset happening. The other notable fight on this card is John Joe Nevin a former Irish amateur stand out versus Freddy Fonseca the brother of Francisco. Nevin has been a pro for 5 years but has had a stop and start career. he seems to have everything under control now and I expect him to win this on points.

The last important fight from the UK this weekend is Lee McGregor vs Ukashir Farooq. This is a great fight between two top prospects and is the most evenly matched fight this weekend. Both imo can go far beyond domestic level and while this fight is for the commonwealth and British titles I see both the winner and loser being in big fights in the future. For me I think Farooq likely edges it on points but I wouldn’t be surprised either way.

That’s all for this weeks boxing as I said earlier theres not really any high profile boxing this weekend which I guess isn’t surprising considering just how much we’ve had recently. I hope you’ll tune into the fights weekend and I hope all the boxers make it safely back home. Like always I’ll post my weekly preview next week a long with other posts during the week so until then enjoy the fights!

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