Callum Smith turns down Canelo but its all a bit confusing.

News broke today that Callum Smith turned down an offer from Golden Boy to fight the biggest star in boxing Canelo Alvarez. Oscar De La Hoya told ESPN that Smith had turned down three times his previous biggest pay day and had a little rant about how fighters don’t care about legacy anymore. Hes not wrong on that part as I think most top level boxers favourite saying is “if the moneys right” and have stopped trying to fight the best.

The interesting part about this whole situation is that after Oscar outed Callum Smith for turning down an offer Joe Gallagher the trainer of Smith said they hadn’t turned it down. Now the question is who’s lying right?. Would Smith really turn down a massive offer for a fight that he’d been calling for in favour of a tune up or a smaller unification with Saunders, it doesn’t seem likely. But also why would Oscar lie about it when Smith isn’t a big name and hasn’t accused Canelo of ducking him. All strange stuff but it gets even more confusing when Eddie Hearn (Smiths promoter) confirmed they turned an offer down for a Canelo fight. This makes it much more interesting because either Joe is lying about turning down a career high pay day for his fighter or he didn’t know an offer had even been made which wouldn’t be a great look for whoever’s negotiating that fight.

Canelo Alvarez

Now we can speculate why Smith turned down the fight but the reality is if he got offered anywhere from 5 to 10 million you take that money as fast as possible. Its the biggest fight he can get and its not like theres not other fighters that will happily take that deal. Now I presume like most people that its been declined because of some sort of rehydration clause which Smith presumably knows he wouldn’t be able to make. I’ve seen lots of people defending Smith saying that this isn’t fair and that Canelo is trying to gain an advantage. I can’t tell you how stupid this line of thought is, how is Canelo trying to make Smith fight at a reasonable weight on fight night a bad thing?. If anything it just shows how much of a weight bully Smith is and it blows my mind when people get mad at rehydration clauses to make a fighter not go over 10lbs of the weight class. If you can’t get down to that on fight day then your not a fighter in that weight class and you need to move up. People defending Smith and saying hes at a disadvantage because of a rehydration clause are stupid because without the clause Canelo is at a huge disadvantage considering hes not fighting a super middleweight hes fighting a cruiserweight and its disgusting that fighters get away with it all the time.

The best thing about all this talk of a rehydration clause from fans is that we don’t even know if its a thing yet and the reporter who Oscar talked said he didn’t think they’d got to that stage yet. Which perhaps makes my rant a little premature but its more directed at the fans who are currently crying online that fighters might have to actually fight in their weight class

That turned into more of a rant than I wanted it to be but its incredibly frustrating too see fighters offered a massive pay day and decline it. Especially if it is the rehydration clause which is the issue and that perhaps highlights a problem with the sport and not the individual fighters. Callum Smith is a good fighter but hes massively overrated and I do think him coming into the ring with a massive size advantage over his opponents has helped him significantly. I mean if you look at light heavyweight you wouldn’t pick him to beat any of those guys and even they aren’t as big as he is.

Because of him turning down the offer I now hope that Billy Joe Saunders gets the call because like I stated before Smith does not deserve that fight right now. If Smith can beat John Ryder fairly and not shy away from every big fight offered to him then perhaps he’ll deserve it but right now hes a very average looking champion and not one whos looking to make a legacy.

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