When was the last Super Featherweight unification?

Super Featherweight is actually one of my favourite divisions right now because of all the good match ups that can be made. The division currently holds four champions who can all be in fantastic match ups with challengers or each other. Now I’d argue that the super feather weight division deserves a unification considering the last one was in 2005 between Marco Antonio Barrera and Robbie Pedan for the WBC and IBF titles. It’s been 15 years since the last unification but the question is why?

Marco Antonio Barrera

Its not down to just one reason but many as to why no super feathers have unified in so long. One reason is due to politics between different networks and that certainly was the case for a potential fight between Tevin Farmer and Gervonta Davis who had a war of words on twitter but never met in the ring. Both Networks said they made offers but clearly neither fighter accepted which ruined a great unification.

Another reason we haven’t got unification’s is because its a division stuck between two divisions which are much more well known. Often Once someone becomes a champ at super feather they move up a weight to lightweight instead of staying and unifying because often bigger fights are at that weight. It doesn’t help that fighters who perhaps outgrew featherweight move up and fight a champion because they made a name for themselves in the division below. This can lead to great fights such as when Joseph Diaz Jr (Jo Jo Diaz) fought and beat Tevin Farmer in a fun fight recently.

One of the last big reasons is that its likely the money isn’t there for unifications at the weight, fighters and promoters see that they can make money fighting big name challengers rather than unifying for less risk and bother. Also not much less money than would be in a unification because of the lack of demand from the public for the division.

Just because we haven’t had unifications doesn’t mean we haven’t had good fights I just think it would be great for the fighters to say they were the first to unify in 15 years. I’m a big fan of clearing out a division before moving up and hopefully we can get some great match ups in the future

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