Billy Joe Saunders versus Callum Smith is the fight to make.

Now that both Saunders and Callum Smith won’t be getting the Canelo fight next the obvious fight to make is one between them. It would be a Super Middleweight unification between two Brits and could easily headline the 02 Arena and be put on PPV. It’s a very competitive fight and can certainly be seen as a 50/50 though I think I would slightly favour Callum Smith.

I know both are at the stage of their careers where they want the biggest fights and also the biggest pay days so this makes a lot of sense. While Saunders was going to get the Canelo fight I’d be very surprised if Golden Boy sent him another offer now that he’s said he isn’t fit enough to fight Canelo in September.

I am a bit surprised at how both Smith and Saunders declined offers to fight Canelo like they have many other options. If they beat Canelo they would also become a massive name in the sport and likely make more than 10-12 million in a rematch. I think both will take tune up fights next and hopefully we can get a unification between them either late this year or early next year.

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