Canelo Alvarez versus Billy Joe Saunders potentially cancelled.

Canelo versus Billy Joe Saunders may potentially be cancelled as the state athletic commission in Las Vegas has banned all sporting events indefinitely. They will of course lift this suspension once the Corona Virus has settled down but it means that Canelo versus Saunders can’t be announced until the ban is lifted. Its very likely that it now won’t happen on the 2nd of May and will be rescheduled for a few months later.

This of course frustrating for the boxers and everyone involved but it is in the best interests of the fans. Having over 10,000 people gather would be like inviting the virus to spread among them and cause more stress on hospitals.

I imagine that if they don’t fight on May 2nd then they will likely fight a few months later or perhaps cancel the fight altogether as Canelo was expected to fight Golovkin for the third time later in the year. Its incredible how much the Corona virus is effecting everything and Canelo versus Saunders is just the latest casualty in the sporting world where everything is being shut down.

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