Dozens of boxing events cancelled or expected to be cancelled in the coming weeks.

A few days ago this weekend looked like it would have quite a few boxing cards but as of today only one of the major cards in the USA is still occurring and even that is behind closed doors. Two Top Rank cards were expected to occur with no fans in attendance but just a few hours after that announcement were post-poned all together. Cards all over the world are currently being put on hold as the threat of the Corona Virus continues to grow and countries take measures to stop it.

The UK is one of the only countries where almost every single boxing event is still on and aren’t expected to cancel unless the government makes them do so. I know the promoters would lose money and so would the boxers but it is in the best interests of the country if these large events were cancelled until later in the year. Its been proven that the faster you put social distancing into place the faster the cases of the virus start to slow down and the peak can be controlled thus allowing the health services to function properly without being overwhelmed like Italy currently is.

I wouldn’t normally get political but I feel this is a complete failure from the government to actually try and stop the spread and make sure our health service which is already strained doesn’t collapse. You would think if they looked at China and saw that they put social distancing into place and within two months the amount of new Corona Virus cases is decreasing massively especially for a populated region like China and especially Wuhan where the Virus started. They say we are four weeks behind Italy but if we know we are four weeks behind them then why don’t we take them as an example and put measures in place quicker than they did so we don’t get to their stage of the outbreak that fast?. They also say they are following the science which seems to be completely different to what the rest of the world is doing and it makes me question what type of scientists these are. It seems like they are more in the human behavior field and how people would react to quarantine rather than scientists that know how Virus’s spread and how to combat them.

I hope next week that the UK follows the rest of the world and cancels their boxing cards as well as starts taking the Virus a bit more seriously as it could save many lives.

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