Billy Joe Saunders threatens to pull out of Canelo fight over ring size

In what is one of the more bizarre reasons for threatening to pull out of a fight Billy Joe Saunders has decided hes not happy with the ring being its usual size and wants a larger one. He wants a 24ft ring which as far as i’m aware isn’t even allowed by the commission the fight is under. This isn’t the first complaint hes made and it seems like hes getting as many excuses ready as possible for if he loses. I originally thought this might be some weird promotional trick hes doing but hes shown no interest in actually promoting the fight and seems to just want to complain after getting the fight of his life and a massive pay day.

Saul “Canelo” Alvarez

I doubt he’ll actually pull out and this drama will play itself out within a few days as Saunders isn’t going to turn down the biggest pay day of his career over a ring being slightly smaller. If he does I don’t think any promoter will want to work with him and his career will effectively be over as no one will be able to trust him to actually turn up to big fights.


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