The case for Istvan Szili to fight Billy Joe Saunders

Istvan Szili isn’t a name many people will be familiar with as he hasn’t fought in many high profile bouts. He has the potential to become well known however as he could soon be facing Billy Joe Saunders.

Istvan Szili recently traveled to Australia and pulled off a big upset win over Jayde Mitchell when no one expected him to win at all or even make it to the final bell. He had a few bad results at middleweight but since moving up to Super Middleweight hes looked much improved and is 5-0 at the weight. He has an exciting style where either him or his opponent is going to get stopped especially when he fights top fighters.

On paper he looks to be a perfect “tune up” bout for Saunders before he faces Callum Smith in the new year. He’s still dangerous and will provide a test but as long as Saunders is at his best he should win and move on to bigger fights. Szili is ranked 15 in the WBO at Super Middleweight so Saunders is able to pick him as a voluntary defence and after picking up a solid upset win over Jayde Mitchell I think he deserves the opportunity.

Billy Joe Saunders

Szili also lives in Switzerland so it wouldn’t be huge trouble for him to get a passport and Visa’s to travel to the UK. He was a good amateur who had over 200 fights winning over 150 of them and competing at many international tournaments.

If Saunders is to take what is perceived by most people to be a tune up fight then I think Istvan Szili is the perfect opponent and also deserves the opportunity after dedicating so long to the sport as well as getting a big upset win on the road recently.


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