Erickson Lubin versus Terrell Gausha breakdown

This is a really good fight between two top Super Welterweights with the winner getting a title shot next. Erickson Lubin is coming off a good win versus Nathaniel Gallimore where he really showed hes bounced back from his loss to Jermell Charlo. Terrell Gausha is coming off a draw with Austin Trout over a year ago though I did think he won that fight.

Erickson Lubin is a southpaw who has a good southpaw jab and solid power. He throws a lot to the body especially with straight shots such as a 1-2 to the body and a double jab then a left hand to the body. He can be quite patient and doesn’t waste much energy on useless punches. He puts combinations together well and when he gets his opponents hurt he really goes for the finish. Hes good at giving himself room to get his punches off and doesn’t load up on his punches while varying the power.

His defence is decent though he is certainly hittable. He uses a high guard and uses his elbow well to hold his opponents off on the inside. He also uses a Philly shell type of defence a lot. He has been knocked out before but that was by a decent puncher in Jermell Charlo when Lubin was only 21. I wouldn’t say he has a bad chin and his stamina seems to be decent though I noticed he took a bit of time off late in the Gallimore fight.

Terrell Gausha has a decent jab and one-two though I don’t think he has as much power as Lubin. He has a good amateur background and competed in the 2012 Olympics for the USA. After he finishes punching he’ll sometimes stay in front of his opponents which leaves to him getting hit when he doesn’t need too. He has a decent defence though like Lubin is certainly hittable and when he throws his punches he leaves his chin open for a second or two afterwards. He has been dropped before but has never been stopped so has a decent chin. He throws wide looping hooks and has semi-decent footwork.

Terrell Gausha

I think Erickson Lubin will win this fight by decision because he has the better defence and more power. He’s also younger and starting to come into his prime while Gausha is 33 and hasn’t fought for over a year. I think Lubin should be able to catch him often and potentially knock him down a few times which should secure him the win.


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