Jaron Ennis versus Juan Carlos Abreu breakdown.

This is a decent step up in competition in which I think Ennis will look very good. Jaron Ennis is seen as one of the best prospects in the sport while Abreu is a gatekeeper for up and coming Welterweights.

Jaron Ennis has very fast hands and good footwork. He puts combinations together well and seems to have some decent power. His stamina and chin are relatively untested but he hasn’t shown any real defensive weaknesses yet. He has very good technical boxing skills and seems very dedicated to the sport. There isn’t really anything critical to say about him apart from that he hasn’t faced very good competition yet in his 25 fights.

Juan Carlos Abreu is tough and has power though lacks the fundamentals of Jaron Ennis. I also think he is on the decline a bit and has been dropped by lesser punchers such as Jamal James. He has also dropped people such as Jamal James so if Ennis is a bit chinny he could be in trouble.

Juan Carlos Abreu

I think Jaron Ennis will win by KO because he has the superior boxing skills and speed. He is also on the rise while Abreu is declining. Abreu could potentially stop Ennis because hes untested but I really don’t see it happening and I actually lean towards Ennis being the first person to stop him.


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