Efe Ajagba versus Jonathan Rice breakdown

This should be a decent test for Efe Ajagba though I personally think hes already beat better opponents than Rice. Jonathan Rice has become a bit of a journeymen for the top prospects at heavyweight and unfortunately has lost to all the ones hes faced.

Efe Ajagba is a tall heavyweight that has a massive reach. He uses this reach well and breaks down his opponents with straight punch after straight punch. He seems to have good power and is decent technically. His defense isn’t on par with his offense and he has been dropped before though he didn’t seem seriously hurt.

Jonathan Rice has a pawing jab which is almost always going in and out. He seems to normally box on the front foot though i’m not sure that will be the case versus the hard hitting Ajagba. He has a decent right hand which he really puts his weight behind sometimes leaving him a bit off balance. I wouldn’t say his defense is that good though its serviceable and he has a decent chin. He seems to fight in bursts and is content to wait rather than really press the action to make sure he wins the round.

Jonathan Rice

I think Efe Ajagba will likely be able to get the stoppage because I see Rice taking his straights shots clean throughout the early rounds before wilting by round 7 or 8. I doubt Rice will be fully fit as this is a short notice fight and stamina will likely play a big part in a stoppage for Ajagba.


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