Efe Ajagba versus Frank Sanchez breakdown

This is an excellent fight and a very intriguing fight. Efe Ajagba is a massive puncher and a 2016 Olympian while Frank Sanchez was a good Cuban amateur and has good technical skills. Ajagba can sometimes be accused of shuffling around the ring and using the same two or three punches without much of aContinue reading “Efe Ajagba versus Frank Sanchez breakdown”

Efe Ajagba versus Brian Howard breakdown

This shouldn’t be all that hard of a fight for Ajagba as he’s bigger and has more power. Brian Howard isn’t a real heavyweight and while hes got some power and will really try hes just not big enough to beat good heavyweight prospects. I think Efe Ajagba will win by knockout within three roundsContinue reading “Efe Ajagba versus Brian Howard breakdown”

Efe Ajagba versus Jonathan Rice breakdown

This should be a decent test for Efe Ajagba though I personally think hes already beat better opponents than Rice. Jonathan Rice has become a bit of a journeymen for the top prospects at heavyweight and unfortunately has lost to all the ones hes faced. Efe Ajagba is a tall heavyweight that has a massiveContinue reading “Efe Ajagba versus Jonathan Rice breakdown”