Efe Ajagba versus Frank Sanchez breakdown

This is an excellent fight and a very intriguing fight. Efe Ajagba is a massive puncher and a 2016 Olympian while Frank Sanchez was a good Cuban amateur and has good technical skills.

Ajagba can sometimes be accused of shuffling around the ring and using the same two or three punches without much of a backup plan. He’s clearly got fight ending power and even in the land of the giants hes a big one but lacks the boxing skills of Sanchez in my opinion.

Frank Sanchez isn’t as powerful but is one of the more skilled heavyweights in the division right now. I think as long as he can get past Ajagba’s jab he should be able to out-box without to many problems. I’d be surprised if he can’t get past Ajagba’s jab or if Ajagba can use his jab sufficiently over the ten rounds to control Sanchez.

Frank Sanchez

I think Frank Sanchez will likely do enough to win a decision due to his technical boxing but will have to be careful of Ajagba’s power. Ajagba always has the chance to land and knock Sanchez out but I think it’s more likely he loses a decision as he seems very one paced as a fighter to me.


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