Anthony Fowler versus Rico Mueller breakdown

Anthony Fowler will take on late replacement Rico Mueller after the veteran Roberto Garcia pulled out of the fight for currently undisclosed reasons. Anthony Fowler has been steadily rebuilding himself after taking his first loss to Scott Fitzgerald with his most notable win being over Jorge Fortea who once took part in a final eliminatorContinue reading “Anthony Fowler versus Rico Mueller breakdown”

Anthony Fowler versus Jorge Fortea breakdown

This is a very good fight between 2016 Olympian Anthony Fowler and European operator Fortea. Anthony Fowler has done well as a pro since his close loss to Scott Fitzgerald and is now looking to advance up the levels from domestic to European. Jorge Fortea recently fought in a world title eliminator where he wasContinue reading “Anthony Fowler versus Jorge Fortea breakdown”

What’s next for Terri Harper, Natasha Jonas plus card

While I don’t think this week of fight camp was as good as last week it was still a solid card though as I predicted a few of the matches weren’t very competitive even though on paper perhaps they should have been. The main event really delivered beyond expectations but the rest of the cardContinue reading “What’s next for Terri Harper, Natasha Jonas plus card”

Anthony Fowler versus Adam Harper breakdown

This should be a tune up fight for Anthony Fowler before he moves on to big fights against the likes of Ted Cheeseman and Scott Fitzgerald. If Adam Harper wasn’t coming off a major lay off then this fight would be competitive but he hasn’t fought for well over a year and never proved himselfContinue reading “Anthony Fowler versus Adam Harper breakdown”

Anthony Fowler in CBD scandal again

For people that don’t know Anthony Fowler is a British boxer who participated in the 2016 Olympics. He currently holds a 12-1 record with 9 knockouts and before a shock loss last year was expected to get to at least European level before losing. Hes very active on social media especially twitter and spends mostContinue reading “Anthony Fowler in CBD scandal again”