Anthony Fowler in CBD scandal again

For people that don’t know Anthony Fowler is a British boxer who participated in the 2016 Olympics. He currently holds a 12-1 record with 9 knockouts and before a shock loss last year was expected to get to at least European level before losing.

Hes very active on social media especially twitter and spends most of his time trying to sell his CBD oil to fans. Over time hes become disliked by many boxing fans for various reasons mostly resulting from his actions on social media. I’ve never been his biggest fan and I’ve never been hugely bothered by anything I’ve seen him put out until more recently. His previous posts while sometimes being arrogant or hypocritical weren’t especially harmful and mostly pissed people off rather than potentially hurt them.

A few weeks ago he said on twitter that his CBD oil would help prevent the Corona Virus which is incredibly irresponsible and down right greedy considering hes the one selling the CBD oil. In the middle of a pandemic he had the audacity to try and pass his CBD oil off as a potential cure to his followers just so he could profit more. This was utterly disgusting and thankfully people informed him that he was spreading misinformation including notable figures such as Lennox Lewis. He has since deleted the posts though we’ll never know what damage him spreading misinformation to his 64,000 followers has done.

This week he posted a video of a child having some sort of seizure and claimed that CBD oil had helped the childs seizure stop. Even if CBD had stopped the childs seizure (it didn’t) then it would be disgusting to use a video like that to promote and sell your CBD oil. The real problem with this tweet is that its factually incorrect in saying that CBD oil stopped the childs seizure. It was actually THC oil that was used and this has been confirmed by the childs parents who have also said that they didn’t give permission for Fowler to use a video of their son. Just to put this into writing , Fowler tweeted a video of a child he didn’t know having a seizure without the parents permission to promote his own brand of CBD oil while also lying about CBD stopping the boys seizure. This is an unbelievably horrible thing to do and perhaps shows just what sort of person Fowler is.

There need to be consequences for doing something so vile especially when you combine his earlier tweets about the Corona Virus with his new video. At the very least he should apologize instead of ignoring that he did anything wrong and blaming the parents by saying that the video was already out online like that excuses him using it to sell his CBD oil.

Hopefully this isn’t swept under the rug like so many things in boxing are and hes held accountable for his actions. I’d like to give credit to @lcd_b0xing on twitter who did some good journalistic work in reaching out to the parents and being the first person to put everything together.

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