We don’t need too see Wilder versus Fury 3

We’ve had two fights between them already and while the first fight was controversial it was resolved in the rematch where Fury dominated Wilder before stopping him in 7 rounds. The only reason this third fight is happening is because of money and contractual obligations. Fury should have won the first and won the second clearly so why as boxing fans do we have to watch a third one? We don’t want too see Fury V Wilder 3 while AJ fights Pulev and then Usyk. After Wilder Fury 3 we will have too see one of them face Whyte which delays the undisputed fight even more. We will have to wait at least another year before we see a potential undisputed fight and for me that pisses me off. We’ve already waited for a long time for an undisputed champion in this era so why do we have to keep delaying it. While we wait we are expected to pay for other fights that most people aren’t interested in.

This is why boxing can never truly be mainstream again. We don’t have enough big fights where the best fight the best and if we do its put behind a pay wall. In the last few years what fights have really captured the mainstream sports fans? Wilder versus Fury 1 and 2. Canelo versus Golovkin 1 and 2. Beyond those fights boxing doesn’t reach the mainstream sports fan anymore and its sad. We’ve had four or five big time fights where the whole world tries to watch in the last few years. We should be having 3 or four a year if people would actually fight each other.

Spence versus Crawford is a prime example. This is a fight that should have already been made but promoters would rather get as much value out a fighter as possible before putting him in the one 50/50 fight of his career.

We really don’t need too see a third fight between Fury and Wilder and I just feel sorry for all the Americans that are expected to pay 80+ dollars for it. I think after this pandemic people will be less willing to buy PPV’s and hopefully this means we only have to pay for the mega fights not Dubois versus Joyce etc.

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