Katie Taylor versus Natasha Jonas breakdown

This is a great fight between two former stand out amateurs who have also looked good as pro’s. Katie Taylor is the undisputed Lightweight world champion and has built a resume which will probably get her inducted into the hall of fame when she retires. Natasha Jonas lost in an upset a few years agoContinue reading “Katie Taylor versus Natasha Jonas breakdown”

What’s next for Terri Harper, Natasha Jonas plus card

While I don’t think this week of fight camp was as good as last week it was still a solid card though as I predicted a few of the matches weren’t very competitive even though on paper perhaps they should have been. The main event really delivered beyond expectations but the rest of the cardContinue reading “What’s next for Terri Harper, Natasha Jonas plus card”

Terri Harper versus Natasha Jonas breakdown

This should be a relatively competitive fight as Harper has proven she is a world level fighter and this is Jonas’s last chance at a world title. Harper has a very solid jab and is very consistent with her 1-2. She has decent feints and foot work and doesn’t get hit all that much. WhenContinue reading “Terri Harper versus Natasha Jonas breakdown”