Katie Taylor versus Natasha Jonas breakdown

This is a great fight between two former stand out amateurs who have also looked good as pro’s. Katie Taylor is the undisputed Lightweight world champion and has built a resume which will probably get her inducted into the hall of fame when she retires. Natasha Jonas lost in an upset a few years ago but fought well and earned a draw versus Terri Harper in a fight she was expected to lose.

Natasha Jonas is good technically and clearly holds power as she knocks fighters out that aren’t on her level and also hurt Terri Harper badly in their fight. She doesn’t throw a huge amount of punches but the shots she does throw tend to have a purpose behind them and hit the target more often than not. I think her best weapon in this fight is her straight left hand which she has a lot of power in and normally throws behind a double jab. Her defence mostly consists of a fairly high guard and some footwork to get out of range of punches.

Katie Taylor is also good technically though doesn’t have the power of Jonas in my opinion. Taylor throws a lot of combinations and is very active in the ring. Her defence mostly comes from her footwork however she gets drawn into wars quite easily as she clearly just loves to fight. I think she has faster hands than Jonas and also has the better footwork in my opinion though has power and height disadvantages.

Natasha Jonas

I think Katie Taylor will win due to simply being more active with her combinations in this fight. While Jonas will catch Taylor during the fight I think for the majority of the rounds she’ll get outworked and will struggle with Taylor’s hand speed.


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