Perhaps its time for Bob Arum to retire.

It looks like Anthony Joshua versus Tyson Fury isn’t going to happen next which is fairly pathetic in my opinion and isn’t a good look from an outside perspective of the sport. It was bad enough the fight wasn’t going to be in the UK but now it seems it won’t happen at all due to a loss of expected financial backing from the middle east.

Eddie Hearn seems to be trying his best to make this fight happen while Fury’s side have been nothing but negative with both Frank Warren and Bob Arum seemingly barely wanting the fight. They’ve put no effort in and it doesn’t help that Fury’s been saying he wants a tune up fight instead of Joshua.

Bob Arum signed Naoya Inoue more than a year ago and hasn’t kept him active even though he really should be one of his top priorities. He also couldn’t make the Casimero unification happen because he wanted to cut Casimero’s purse rather than invest in his fighter and actually pay for good opponents.

For Terence Crawford he’s completely failed to get him a good opponent at welterweight for over two years and this has mostly been down to him not wanting to invest in opponents even for his star fighters which is great for his pockets but not for boxing or the fans.

At Super Featherweight he hasn’t been able to make a unification to save his life even though hes had two champions at the weight for over two years and now it seems they are both going in different directions again.

It feels more often than not that hes unable to make big fights happen or expects other people to pay for them for whatever reason.


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