Dmitry Bivol versus Craig Richards breakdown

This is the chance of a life time for Craig Richards who is going from winning the British title straight to a world title fight versus a top world champion. Dmitry Bivol has been a world champion since 2017 and has shown amazing technical skills in his five defences of his title.

Craig Richards has shown some power at British level but nothing to suggest he can KO Dmitry Bivol and in my opinion that’s his only chance at winning as Bivol is far too good for him technically. Bivol has shown hes a world class boxer and even separated himself from other world class boxers on a technical level.

Craig Richards

I don’t see a way for Craig Richards to win by decision so he’ll have to hope Bivol’s rusty after being out the ring for so long and jump on him early to win. Unfortunately for him I also don’t see him knocking Bivol out who has been hit by bigger punchers and not been knocked down. I predict Bivol to win by knockout in the second half of the fight due to being technically better and just levels above Richards who has never even fought at European level.


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