Tommy McCarthy versus Chris Billam-Smith breakdown

This is an excellent fight in the cruiser weight division and the winner should be close to a world title shot. Tommy McCarthy has rebounded well after a TKO loss to Richard Riakporhe in 2019 by winning the WBC International title on away soil in Italy, beating Bilal Laggoune for the European title and defendingContinue reading “Tommy McCarthy versus Chris Billam-Smith breakdown”

Chris Billam-Smith versus Vasil Ducar breakdown

This is a good fight between Smith who is currently a domestic level Cruiser weight and Ducar who has fought a lot of good fighters on the road and tested them all. Both of these fighters have fight changing power though Smith is generally a bit better at landing it. Ducar has faced the betterContinue reading “Chris Billam-Smith versus Vasil Ducar breakdown”

What’s next for Terri Harper, Natasha Jonas plus card

While I don’t think this week of fight camp was as good as last week it was still a solid card though as I predicted a few of the matches weren’t very competitive even though on paper perhaps they should have been. The main event really delivered beyond expectations but the rest of the cardContinue reading “What’s next for Terri Harper, Natasha Jonas plus card”

Chris Billam-Smith versus Nathan Thorley breakdown.

This is a good fight for the Commonwealth Cruiserweight title. Chris Billam-Smith has proved he’s one of the top Cruiserweights in the UK by beating Craig Glover and in my opinion beating Richard Riakporhe though he didn’t get the decision. Smith will be looking to win in good fashion here so he can move onContinue reading “Chris Billam-Smith versus Nathan Thorley breakdown.”