Terri Harper versus Natasha Jonas breakdown

This should be a relatively competitive fight as Harper has proven she is a world level fighter and this is Jonas’s last chance at a world title.

Harper has a very solid jab and is very consistent with her 1-2. She has decent feints and foot work and doesn’t get hit all that much. When she fights on the inside she’ll sometimes throw uppercuts but apart from that doesn’t do much work on the inside. She doesn’t punch much to the body and seems to mostly want to stay on the outside and use her 1-2. She does use hooks as well but I think she does leave herself open when she starts throwing them.

Natasha Jonas has a decent jab that she throw to both the body and head but doesn’t have much power on it and she also doesn’t pull it back quick enough which leads to her getting countered. She also has a decent 1-2 but isn’t particularly quick with it and I think she’ll struggle to catch Harper with it. I think she punches to the body better than Harper but isn’t any better at fighting on the inside. I don’t think shes really a combination puncher and will rarely throw more than 2 punches at a time. I don’t think she puts a lot of pressure on her opponents either. Her defense isn’t great and she’s very hittable. I’m not sure how good of a chin she has as she has been stopped but outside of that has shown no signs of ever being stunned or even being hurt.

I think Harper will win this fight by decision as she’s the taller fighter who uses her reach advantage well. I think she’ll be able to establish her jab and throw 1-2’s down the center all fight. I think Jonas will perform better than when she got stopped so I expect her to be competitive and win some rounds but in the end lose a decision due to not being able to get into range consistently enough.

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