Aqib Fiaz versus Kane Baker cancelled after Fiaz falls ill.

Matchroom announced today that the fight between Fiaz and Baker was cancelled due to Fiaz feeling ill after the weigh in. I presume this was related to an issue with weight cutting as he failed to make the 132 pound limit for this fight.

Chris Lloyd tweeted that Fiaz is currently in hospital but it sounds like its more of a precaution rather than him being seriously ill. I wish Fiaz good health and its horrible seeing people suffer due to weight cuts which I know can be very painful.

I feel especially bad for Kane Baker who was really up for this fight and after watching more interviews with him I was going to change my pick to him by decision. Hopefully Matchroom will still pay him his purse as he did nothing wrong and for guys like him who have to work a normal job as well the money is important because they don’t have a big promotional deal or anything. Eddie Hearn has said that he is going to try and reschedule the fight as soon as possible so that’s good news.

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