Aqib Fiaz versus Kane Baker breakdown

This is a fight that I believe is very close to a 50/50 as Fiaz hasn’t had a lot of experience yet and Baker has proven he’s at least an area level fighter. A lot of respect has to be given to both fighters for taking this fight but especially Fiaz as this is a big risk at this stage of his career.

Aqib Fiaz has fast hands and decent foot work though its nothing out of the ordinary. When he’s actually in a competitive fight he doesn’t throw huge amounts of punches but the ones he does throw are accurate and have a purpose behind them. He has a serviceable jab but doesn’t use it enough especially when he’s in with someone coming to win. He has nice combinations and a decent right hand though doesn’t seem to have any standout power. He’s only fought very tough journeymen so far so we don’t know if he actually does have decent power or not yet. One of the combinations which he throws a lot is a 1-2 to the head then a right hand to the body before pulling out. He does pull out straight backwards which against a good opponent will lead to him getting countered. He’s willing to get into exchanges sometimes and his defense is average but will likely improve over time as he’s only 20.

Kane Baker is 13-6 but has faced a good level of competition in his career. He works to the body well and throws 4 or 5 punch combinations when given the opportunity. He uses his jab more than Fiaz but it doesn’t seem to have all that much power on it. He has decent head movement but won’t be impossible for Fiaz to hit. The one thing I don’t like about his style is he’ll sometimes go to the ropes and take a few shots before throwing his own back. This is ok if your fighting decent opponents but when it’s journeymen its not the best look in the world. I don’t think his footwork or hand speed is on the level of Fiaz’s but its hard to judge the hand speed just on tape.

I really can’t see too much of a difference between the two fighters and this should in my opinion be the most competitive fight on the card. I think Fiaz will likely be able to win a very competitive decision as I believe he has the better boxing IQ and throws his combinations with more purpose rather than just punching to punch. If Baker does win I really wouldn’t be surprised as he is the much more experienced fighter.

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