Anthony Fowler versus Adam Harper breakdown

This should be a tune up fight for Anthony Fowler before he moves on to big fights against the likes of Ted Cheeseman and Scott Fitzgerald. If Adam Harper wasn’t coming off a major lay off then this fight would be competitive but he hasn’t fought for well over a year and never proved himself beyond domestic level anyway.

Anthony Fowler has a good jab which seems to have some force behind it though he doesn’t double it up enough and it ends up missing the target a decent amount. I think he works to the body well and does mix up his attacks to an extent though he can get quite predictable. He’ll stalk his opponents down and throw a jab then a right hand to the body or head and loads up with everything he throws. The major criticism I have of him is he seems so tense in the ring that it looks like he burns much more energy than he needs too. Him being so tense also leads to him getting hit more as hes so focused on hurting his opponent he forgets to move his head. It showed in the Scott Fitzgerald fight where he started to slow down a bit after the first three rounds and in his other fights it also shows at different points. If he can relax and work on head movement and cutting off the ring a bit better then I think he has all the tools to make it to world level. I think he has decent power and can clearly hurt opponents at a good domestic level but hasn’t shown hes the massive puncher that he looked like when he first started out. All of this analysis may be for nothing as Fowler has a new coach in Shane Mcguigan which could change how he fights.

Adam Harper is a come forward pressure fighter who has shown in past fights he has a good gas tank and can keep up the pressure. I don’t think we can rely on him still having a good gas tank as he’s been out of the ring for a while and with lock down you don’t know how well hes been able to train. He keeps a high guard when he marches forward and either uses a jab to get into range or just walks in behind nothing. When he gets into range he’ll either throw a right hook or a straight right hand. He doesn’t really throw much in combination which is weird considering hes a pressure fighter. He is very active but its just single shots and then he resets to do it again. He doesn’t turn into his punches either so doesn’t have much power on them and thats shown on his record where he has zero KO’s. His defense is ok but with how much he punches hes not hard to counter especially because he refuses to use feints. He has in the past been completely relentless and is one of those guys that wears people down but I can’t see Fowler being troubled by it.

I think stylistically this is a very good fight for Fowler as he won’t have to chase his opponent around the ring and will have plenty of opportunity to get into exchanges with the less powerful Harper. He’ll be able to land at will versus Harper and in trades will clearly come out on top because Harper isn’t a big puncher or even a puncher at all. I think Fowler gets the stoppage between rounds 6-8 as Harper is tough but trading blows with the heavier handed Fowler won’t end well for him.

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