Anthony Fowler versus Jorge Fortea breakdown

This is a very good fight between 2016 Olympian Anthony Fowler and European operator Fortea. Anthony Fowler has done well as a pro since his close loss to Scott Fitzgerald and is now looking to advance up the levels from domestic to European. Jorge Fortea recently fought in a world title eliminator where he was soundly beaten but went the distance. He’ll be looking to establish himself down at European level again in this fight.

Anthony Fowler is the bigger puncher of the two and if he sticks to his jab the better boxer. Fortea is awkward and is decent technically though doesn’t possess that much power.

Jorge Fortea

I see this fight going similarly to Fortea’s last fight where he boxed decently off the back foot but his opponent landed the bigger punches and pushed the action. Anthony Fowler will press forward using his jab and working to the body while Fortea makes it annoying for him before losing a fairly wide decision.


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