Joe Joyce versus Carlos Takam breakdown

This is a good fight in the heavyweight division between contender Joe Joyce and fringe contender Carlos Takam. Joe Joyce has a great jab and clearly possesses good power. He’s a big guy and like his nickname the juggernaut suggests he never stops punching or slows down even if his punches are a little slowContinue reading “Joe Joyce versus Carlos Takam breakdown”

Daniel Dubois versus Joe Joyce breakdown

This is one of the best fights of the year and a real 50/50 in most peoples eyes. Daniel Dubois looks to be one of the most promising prospects in boxing while Joe Joyce is a rising heavyweight contender with a stellar amateur background. Daniel Dubois has a great jab and sets up his punchesContinue reading “Daniel Dubois versus Joe Joyce breakdown”

Why the Daniel Dubois-Joe Joyce fight not being PPV is great for boxing.

Like many people I thought the Dubois versus Joyce fight would end up on PPV due to the amount of interest in the match up. I personally thought it would be better off PPV but also understood the reasoning if it had been put behind a pay wall. The good thing about it not beingContinue reading “Why the Daniel Dubois-Joe Joyce fight not being PPV is great for boxing.”