Joe Joyce versus Carlos Takam breakdown

This is a good fight in the heavyweight division between contender Joe Joyce and fringe contender Carlos Takam. Joe Joyce has a great jab and clearly possesses good power. He’s a big guy and like his nickname the juggernaut suggests he never stops punching or slows down even if his punches are a little slowContinue reading “Joe Joyce versus Carlos Takam breakdown”

What’s next for Carlos Takam, Jerry Forrest plus card

The first fight of the night was between Peter Cortez and Corey Champion. This fight had four knockdowns and a double knockdown which was great. Neither have a high ceiling but they can be in some fun fights on undercards. Donte Stubbs came back for his second fight in two weeks and this time cameContinue reading “What’s next for Carlos Takam, Jerry Forrest plus card”