Joe Joyce versus Carlos Takam breakdown

This is a good fight in the heavyweight division between contender Joe Joyce and fringe contender Carlos Takam. Joe Joyce has a great jab and clearly possesses good power. He’s a big guy and like his nickname the juggernaut suggests he never stops punching or slows down even if his punches are a little slow compared to others. Carlos Takam is 40 now and doesn’t have the gas tank he used to as in recent fights I’ve noticed he slows down after six rounds. He’s physically strong but is the much smaller man in this match up and doesn’t have the power to knock Joyce out.

Carlos Takam

I think Joe Joyce will stop Carlos Takam around the tenth round due to him being bigger and having a great jab which should slow Takam down until Joyce can let his hands go and stop him. Takam doesn’t have the stamina anymore to outlast Joyce and he’ll be outworked for much of the fight especially towards the end.


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