What’s next for Carlos Takam, Jerry Forrest plus card

The first fight of the night was between Peter Cortez and Corey Champion. This fight had four knockdowns and a double knockdown which was great. Neither have a high ceiling but they can be in some fun fights on undercards.

Donte Stubbs came back for his second fight in two weeks and this time came away with a win. He clearly looked much better in this fight and dropped his opponent multiple times. I want him to keep active and keep fighting good competition. Fred Wilson Jr clearly has a good skill set but hes too easy to hit and hasn’t been active enough. I think if he gets more active he could do some good things.

Joshafat Ortiz and Joshua Orta put on a good fight and while Ortiz won both can go on to have more good fights.

Carlos Castro looked very good when he stopped Cesar Juarez in 4 rounds. I think he can get a title fight within his next few fights. Cesar Juarez wasn’t competitive and should step down a level in my opinion.

The main event between Carlos Takam and Jerry Forrest was uninspiring to say the least. Takam did enough to win most of the rounds but looks like a loss waiting to happen for me. I think he should go on to his fight with Oscar Rivas which he was supposed to have next week. Jerry Forrest needs to let his hands go more as he could have won this fight. I think fights versus Frank Sanchez or Joey Dawejko would be good.

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