Carlos Castro versus Cesar Juarez breakdown

This is a good opponent for Carlos Castro before he goes for a title shot in 2021. Cesar Juarez has fought a lot of good fighters and while he’s mostly come up short and may be on the decline this should still be a good fight.

Carlos Castro has a good consistent jab that he will sometimes launch combinations off of as he steps into the inside. He has good lateral movement and decent defense in general though I have seen him get caught when he admires his punches after he finishes a combination. The glaring negative with Castro is that he doesn’t seem to have a huge amount of power in his punches and at the top level this could hurt him.

Cesar Juarez is a pressure fighter that has good power unlike Castro. He doesn’t have the greatest defense and should be open to the jab throughout the fight. He can be quite physical on the inside and should use that to make Castro uncomfortable.

I think Carlos Castro should win this fight by decision in a relatively one sided fight as I think Juarez is on the slide and will struggle to consistently get past Castro’s jab. I look forward too seeing Castro face the elite of the division soon.

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