Brad Foster, Hamzah Sheeraz and Mark Chamberlain impress on Britain’s return to boxing.

Frank Warren and BT Sport deserve a lot of a credit for staging the first boxing show in the UK since lock down began. It seemed like a lot of precautions were taken and the night of boxing went smoothly though with them only being allowed five fights there was a significant break between each bout.

Mark Chamberlain was first up and made short work of Stu Greener which was impressive seeing as Greener has upset a few prospects in the past. Chamberlain dropped Greener early in the first round and after a barrage of punches with Greener almost going down again the fight was waved off. I think Chamberlain is ready for some sort of area title in either his next fight or the one after.

Hamzah Sheeraz was very calm as he systematically broke Paul Keen down in 6 rounds. Kean was rightly pulled out by his corner as he had lost every round and was starting to take a beating. I think Sheeraz looks to be one of the better prospects in the UK and I was very impressed by how patient he was especially considering hes only 21. Both his defense and offense are very solid which is a good sign for prospects as normally they are lacking a bit in one department. This was his first defense of his WBO European Super Welterweight title and should get him ranked in the top 15 if not top 10 of the sanctioning body. I think he should continue to defend his title versus similar competition.

Brad Foster won the British title outright after a competitive fight where he was the clear winner. He worked well on the inside and was targeting Beech’s body all fight which finally made a dent in Beech in the 12th round where he was seriously hurt by a body shot. Foster didn’t look as good as he did in his last fight but that’s to be expected to an extent with the lock down and Beech having fought all the way up at Super Featherweight. I thought Foster came on strong late so it is perhaps believable when he says he feels like he didn’t wake up until the 7th round. I was surprised the commentary team had it so close and felt they took every excuse to give Beech rounds. I think Foster should start looking at the European title as hes effectively conquered British level at this point. Beech was better than I expected and he can certainly come back and potentially win the British title if Foster chooses to vacate it.


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