Dillian Whyte splits with trainer Mark Tibbs

A couple days ago Whyte announced that he would no longer be working with Mark Tibbs but that they had split on good terms.

Yesterday Mark Tibbs did an interview with IFL and then subsequently other interviews where he’s said he wasn’t told that he wouldn’t be working with Whyte until the day before they announced it on social media. He also said that Whyte himself hadn’t been in contact and that he hadn’t talked to him in for a long time and got informed by Whyte’s lawyer not the fighter himself. Interestingly the IFL interview has since been taken down so I can only presume Whyte’s lawyers or himself have been on the phone to make the video go away.

Richard Riakporhe and John Harding Jr have also split with Tibbs as both are managed by Whyte however according to Tibbs they both spoke to him personally so he doesn’t mind them leaving as much.

I understand why Tibbs feels the way he does as you would think after working with a fighter for four years they would have the decency to tell him they weren’t going to work with him face to face or at least over the phone. I’ve lost some respect for Whyte as I think its wrong that he’s ghosted Mark Tibbs and effectively cut all contact after Tibbs brought him from domestic slugger to being a world class heavyweight.

Tibbs is working on opening his own gym so I wish him good luck with that and he should be fine as he has a few young prospects that are doing well right now.


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