Alexander Povetkin versus Dillian Whyte 2 breakdown

I recently watched the first fight and the significant thing I noticed is that Whyte doesn’t do anything especially “good” or things which are noticeably elite. He’s a decent body puncher but it’s not a focus of his style. His technique is fairly questionable though its certainly improved from how it used to be. HisContinue reading “Alexander Povetkin versus Dillian Whyte 2 breakdown”

Dillian Whyte versus Alexander Povetkin breakdown

This is a good match up between two top 10 fighters in the heavyweight division. The fight will be contested over 12 rounds for a few meaningless WBC belts and a mandatory spot for the winner of Wilder versus Fury 3. Neither boxer looked great in their last performance but Whyte has the best chanceContinue reading “Dillian Whyte versus Alexander Povetkin breakdown”

Dillian Whyte splits with trainer Mark Tibbs

A couple days ago Whyte announced that he would no longer be working with Mark Tibbs but that they had split on good terms. Yesterday Mark Tibbs did an interview with IFL and then subsequently other interviews where he’s said he wasn’t told that he wouldn’t be working with Whyte until the day before theyContinue reading “Dillian Whyte splits with trainer Mark Tibbs”

Who should Dillian Whyte fight next?

As we get closer to an announcement regarding Whyte’s next opponent I thought i’d make a list of possible contenders and which of them i’d like to see the most. Whyte has been consistently fighting top level opposition apart from the Wach fight which was a last minute tune up just to get him inContinue reading “Who should Dillian Whyte fight next?”