Why the Daniel Dubois-Joe Joyce fight not being PPV is great for boxing.

Like many people I thought the Dubois versus Joyce fight would end up on PPV due to the amount of interest in the match up. I personally thought it would be better off PPV but also understood the reasoning if it had been put behind a pay wall.

The good thing about it not being on PPV of course is that a lot more people will watch it and start to follow boxing and the two headliners themselves. This will benefit all of the boxers later in their careers where they might go on to PPV or in selling more tickets and generating more interest.

Its a great thing for the sport of boxing itself in the UK because it means the British public will finally get a big fight they can watch without having to pay extra for it. A lot of people who are fans of the sport now started from watching boxing on free television years ago and while this isn’t on Channel 5 it will still bring in lots of new people to the sport.

Frank Warren and everyone involved should be given a lot of credit for not taking advantage of the hardcore fans who would have payed for this PPV and instead putting it on live on BT Sport where the nation can watch.


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