Daniel Dubois versus Joe Cusumano breakdown

This should be a fairly quick job for Dubois’s American Debut as Cusumano isn’t on the level of Dubois. I think Dubois should be able to land his massive power punches early on and finish the fight in either round one or two. I don’t mind Dubois fighting this level of competition at the momentContinue reading “Daniel Dubois versus Joe Cusumano breakdown”

Daniel Dubois versus Bogdan Dinu breakdown

This is a very good comeback fight for Dubois who is showing he doesn’t want to slow down his progression towards the top of the division. I expected Dubois to take an easier fight after his loss and injury but this is actually a step up in competition compared to what he was facing beforeContinue reading “Daniel Dubois versus Bogdan Dinu breakdown”

Daniel Dubois versus Joe Joyce breakdown

This is one of the best fights of the year and a real 50/50 in most peoples eyes. Daniel Dubois looks to be one of the most promising prospects in boxing while Joe Joyce is a rising heavyweight contender with a stellar amateur background. Daniel Dubois has a great jab and sets up his punchesContinue reading “Daniel Dubois versus Joe Joyce breakdown”

Why the Daniel Dubois-Joe Joyce fight not being PPV is great for boxing.

Like many people I thought the Dubois versus Joyce fight would end up on PPV due to the amount of interest in the match up. I personally thought it would be better off PPV but also understood the reasoning if it had been put behind a pay wall. The good thing about it not beingContinue reading “Why the Daniel Dubois-Joe Joyce fight not being PPV is great for boxing.”

Daniel Dubois versus Ricardo Snijders breakdown

This is a bit of a tune up fight for Daniel Dubois before he heads into an anticipated fight with Joe Joyce later this year. Ricardo Snijders is a relatively unknown fighter who has competed mostly at Cruiserweight in the past. Daniel Dubois is a big heavyweight who has a lot of power. He hasContinue reading “Daniel Dubois versus Ricardo Snijders breakdown”