Daniel Dubois versus Ricardo Snijders breakdown

This is a bit of a tune up fight for Daniel Dubois before he heads into an anticipated fight with Joe Joyce later this year. Ricardo Snijders is a relatively unknown fighter who has competed mostly at Cruiserweight in the past.

Daniel Dubois is a big heavyweight who has a lot of power. He has a great jab and a good right he puts behind it. We don’t really know how good his chin is or how good his gas tank is. He’s only gone past 6 rounds once and that was against Kevin Johnson who doesn’t often come to win anymore. I don’t think he has great head movement and he is a bit stiff overall but he’s very young and one of the best prospects in the division.

Ricardo Snijders is a Cruiserweight who will be moving up to heavyweight for this fight. His chin isn’t bad at Cruiserweight but he has been dropped at that weight so I imagine at heavyweight it won’t be hard for people to drop him. He loves throwing overhand rights though they don’t seem to have all that much power on them. His jab is very pawing and he’s easily counter-able because of this. His defence isn’t great and I’ve seen him get tagged up by journeymen so I imagine Dubois will be able to hit him at will. One of the biggest differences in this fight will be the size and power and Dubois will have a massive advantage in both departments.

I expect Daniel Dubois to win by knockout within 4 rounds as Snijders doesn’t have a good defence which means Dubois will be able to land his jab at will and won’t have trouble landing his power shots which will put Snijders down and out.

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