Santiago Dominguez versus Adalberto Borquez breakdown.

This is a 10 round fight that will be broadcast on UFC fight pass tomorrow. Dominguez is ranked 15th in the WBC at Welterweight and is defending a few ranking belts in this fight. Borquez is coming off a win but before that he was on a streak of losses.

I don’t have all that much to say about Borquez apart from that he is completely washed up and his punch resistance is no longer what it was. He’s also not a natural Welterweight and actually started his career all the way down at featherweight. At this point he doesn’t do anything better than Dominguez.

Dominguez is a decent fighter that does have one punch KO power if he lands correctly. He’s not fought great opposition so its hard to judge how good his skills are but everything seems to be decent enough. He does everything better than Borquez and unless he has a very bad chin Borquez is going to really struggle.

I think Dominguez should win by knockout in the first 3 rounds as Borquez’s punch resistance has gone and he’s fighting well above his natural weight class.

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