Jeff Horn versus Tim Tszyu breakdown.

This is a good 50/50 match up that could also be seen as the passing of the guard in Australia. Jeff Horn is coming off.a two fight series with Michael Zerafa where he lost one and then won one. Tszyu hasn’t lost a fight as a pro yet but also hasn’t been tested like Horn has.

Jeff Horn is a decent boxer but the biggest part of his game is his physicality. He’ll use his head,elbows and just about anything as well of course as his fists. He’s got a decent chin though for some reason that seems to evaporate in the 9th round where he routinely gets hurt. He’s got a lot of heart and has overachieved in his career in my opinion. His stamina and power are decent however he does start to fade late in fights.

Tim Tszyu is a good technical boxer who isn’t willing to use elbows like Jeff Horn. His defence and stamina have looked good so far but he hasn’t faced anyone like Jeff Horn yet so it’s hard to judge how good they are. His power seems quite average and unless Horn gases heavily he shouldn’t be able to stop him.

I’m going to go with Jeff Horn in this fight because I think he has the big fight experience to overwhelm Tszyu who won’t be used to his rough house tactics. Tszyu could win but I think this is quite a step up in levels and that it’ll be noticeable on the night.

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