Jaron “Boots” Ennis , one to watch in 2020

Jaron Ennis is a rising star in the already stacked division at Welterweight. Hes 24-0 , 22 of those wins coming by way of knockout showing he has good power and the boxing skills to use that power effectively. As of right now he hasn’t faced anyone that can really test him but he has plenty of time to work with in his career. I’m glad that they aren’t rushing him as I think its important to gain experience in the ring before stepping up because once you step up a level you can’t go back down again.

Jaron “Boots” Ennis

Jaron Ennis has fast hands and isn’t afraid to let them go often punching in combination which for is a requirement at the top level of the sport. He has a good jab but sometimes when he gets comfortable in a fight he either abandons it for uppercuts from the outside or if he continues to use it he doesn’t put much snap on it and doesn’t pull it back leaving him open to a counter. Saying this I’ve watched where he uses this lazy jab as a method of baiting his opponents to open up so that he can counter punch their counter punch which shows how good his boxing IQ is at the young age of 22.

Jaron Ennis vs Armando Alvarez

He has a good team behind him who are moving him along how fast they want him to go not how fast a promoter wants them to go or the fans. I see this as a good sign for his career though an increase in the level of competition in 2020 is warranted at this point. This will likely be his breakout year as he takes on better competition and I expect by the end of the year that he will be seen as one of the future stars of the sport alongside Devin Haney , Vergil Ortiz Jr , Shakur Stevenson and Teofimo Lopez.

Clay Collard beats Quashawn Toler

On Friday night Clay Collard fought unbeaten prospect Quashawn Toler and managed to get the win despite being in the away corner. Now before the fight I thought Collard would win when I looked at their records but changed my pick to Toler after I watched a few clips of him boxing. Collard has picked up almost all his wins on the road and really gives a good account of himself wherever he goes. Only very good prospects will be able to beat him and promoters should bring him in to fight their guys when they need to step up their competition. That was the case friday for Quashawn Toler who despite being 9-0 hasn’t fought very good competition and I think that was the difference here. Collard is used to competitive fights and this was just a leap to far for Toler who perhaps should have had a smaller test before he fought Collard.

I hope Collard keeps getting opportunities in the away corner as I know that when a guy starts putting together a lot of upset wins that promoters start to not book them for fights which perhaps shows just how much confidence they have in their “top” prospects.

I want to congratulate Collard on another good win in the away corner and hopefully in 2020 he can perhaps pick up a regional title if he can continue on his good run of form.

Kell Brook and 2 years of wasted time.

Kell Brook was once one of the stars of British boxing and had the potential to become a star globally if he navigated the stacked welterweight division to get the big fights and avoid losing focus. Unfortunately Kell Brook threw all that potential out of the window when he agreed to go up two divisions and fight GGG a monstrous puncher who broke his eye socket and forever ruined his career.

When the decision was made to go up and fight GGG it was because Brook wasn’t getting the big fights he wanted at welterweight so sought them elsewhere rather foolishly. He was in the prime of his career and could have continued his run at welterweight while he waited for the big unification fights that he surely would have had the opportunity to have if he had just been patient. After the GGG fight he went and defended his title against Errol Spence who broke him down and made that eye socket injury pop up yet again.

After this point you’d expect Brook to have one or two tune ups within a short space of time and then get back into bigger fights or try and work his way up again to a title. However Brook didn’t do this , he took his two tune up fights… and then took an entire year off because no big fights were available and he couldn’t motivate himself for anything but big fights. He’s now having another “small” fight vs Mark DeLuca in February of 2020. If he gets past DeLuca he won’t get into a big fight before the summer of 2020 and that will mark three years of wasted time since he lost to Errol Spence. By now if he’d stayed consistently fighting he would have fought for another world title likely in the 154 division and had a good chance of winning it because that divisions champions aren’t the strongest. He has had one of the worst managed careers of recent memory and unfortunately it doesn’t look like its going to get any better.

It’s just a real shame that hes wasted three years of his career doing almost nothing because he was searching for a big fight. That mentality is what led to his defeats as instead of treating every world title fight as a big fight he moved up two divisions and got his face broken before losing his title due to that same injury. I don’t like this mentality from fighters of “I can only get up for the big fights” it leads to bad performances and its not a valid excuse especially for world champions.

I hope now that Brook is back that he can beat Deluca and get himself a title shot at 154 which is what hes said he aims to do. Though if he loses i’m not bothered either because he hasn’t done much of note for three years now and i’m a bit tired of hearing about how he can’t motivate himself for fights that people pay to go and see and hearing his promoter mention him again and again like hes going to be in big fights but then instead of a big fight they announce hes fighting Deluca in another “tuneup” that everyone’s bored of seeing.

Quashawn Toler vs Clay Collard and the weeks boxing

Now I mentioned last week that there wasn’t much boxing on but I think this week is even worse. There are no major cards on and theres also very few small cards on as well. I don’t imagine any of these fights will be on television or even on youtube but i’ve still tried to find some interesting ones to check the results of.

The first fight that i’m interested in is Clay Collard vs Quashawn Toler. This will be a very competitive fight as Collard always comes to fight and has upset many of the prospects hes faced. Toler hasn’t fought anyone of note yet and this will be a big step up for him which I think he will get by in a close fight. I think because Collard has faced the better competition and shown he can beat that better competition that it will be very competitive but from videos Toler looks like a decent boxer so I think he will be able to pull the win off here.

The only other fight that I want to know the result of this weekend is Amilcar Vidal vs Leopoldo Reyna. This fight is taking place in Uruguay so it might take a bit longer to get the result than normal. Amilcar is looking like a good prospect and is fighting good competition for being only 10 fights in. He also seems to have good power and while it remains to be seen if he still carries that same power as he goes through the levels its a good sign that its there at the start. Leopoldo has a good record of 9-0 but hasn’t faced anyone with a winning record yet so I can’t see him providing Amilcar with many problems if i’m being honest. I think Amilcar will stop him within 4 rounds.

If you want to watch boxing this week you’ll have to watch old fights because there really isn’t anything to watch this week. Either way I hope you enjoy whatever fights you watch and I also wish you all a happy new year and heres to hoping that 2020 is even better than 2019. I also wish like always that all the fighters get home safely and as usual I’ll be back next week to preview the weeks boxing where unlike this week we have some good cards to look over.

Gervonta Davis vs Yuriorkis Gamboa and the weeks boxing.

For the next few weeks we have the slowest boxing schedule of the year as almost universally boxer’s take time off at Christmas before going into the new year. We still have some boxing though and i’m here to go through the most interesting bouts of the week.

The first card that i’m interested in comes out of Japan on Saturday which is headlined by Sho Ishida vs Israel Gonzalez. Both of these fighters are former world title challengers who are looking to get back to the top of the sport in the big fights. Whoever wins this will have got their career best win so far and while it likely won’t get them a title shot it will certainly help them. I actually quite like this fight as I think its a very even match up where an argument can be made for both to win and isn’t one of those fights where you know whos going to win. I think Sho Ishida will win a close decision on point due to not having to travel like Gonzalez has. A prospect i’m keeping my eye on is fighting on the under card called Joe Shiraishi. He’s fighting a decent domestic level Japanese fighter who I think he should beat but i’m looking forward to see how far he can go in the sport.

The next card i’m interested in comes from France. The show is headlined by Arsen Goulamirian vs Constantin Bejenaru for Arsen’s WBA Cruiserweight world title. Bejenaru has a decent win in the form of Thabiso Mchuno but has been inactive since and thats why I think Arsen will win by KO in the first 6 rounds here. It’s good too see him active as he didn’t fight for a whole year which is a shame to see considering the talent he has. Hopefully he unifies in his next few fights.

The next card that i’m looking forward too is Gervonta Davis vs Yuriorkis Gamboa. This card will take place in Atlanta, USA and features quite a few interesting fights. Obviously at the top of the bill we have Davis vs Gamboa for a vacant WBA lightweight world title. Gervonta Davis is a very good fighter who has only been let down by issues with weight so far in his career. He’s only 25 so there’s plenty of time to step up but he hasn’t faced great competition so far considering his ability. Gamboa is a fighter who used to be very good but at 38 has been looking very washed up in recent fights and against not all that great competition. He’s still one of the best names on Gervonta Davis’s resume even if he is past his best. I think Gervonta will KO him in the first 6 rounds and continue his path to becoming one of the leading stars of the sport as long as he can keep his weight under control.

On the under card Jean Pascal defends his secondary WBA light heavyweight world title vs Badou Jack. Both of these guys have fought the best in their divisions and are true credits to the sport. Pascal especially has fought almost all of the top names at 175 and is continuing that tradition in 2019. I’m really not sure who wins this as both are a bit washed up even if Pascal is coming off of a big upset win vs Marcus Browne who himself looked very chinny.

Also on the undercard Angelo Leo fights Cesar Juarez in a nice step up for the rising super bantam weight prospect. Juarez has been in with a lot of good names and it would be impressive if Leo could win this in good fashion. I’m going to go out on a limb and call this one a draw. Another bout on the under card is Jose Uzcategui former super middleweight champion facing off against Lionell Thompson who is a solid campaigner at Light heavyweight. I expect Uzcategui to win here likely by stoppage as he seems very motivated to try and win his world title back. The last fight i’m interested in on this card is Malik Hawkins vs Darwin Price. Hawkins looks like he could end up getting a title shot at Welterweight at some point in the next few years while for me Price looks like he started a little too late to shake up the division. I expect Hawkins to beat Price in good fashion and take his 0 here.

The last big card of the weekend is in Japan again and this time features a whole range of world title fights. However i’m going to start by going through the non world titles fights. Starting off Yusaku Kuga fights Jhunriel Ramonal for the Vacant WBO Asia Pacific Super Bantam weight title. This is a good fight as Ramonal is coming off his career best win against Shingo Wake while Kuga has currently won 3 in a row. Both of these are good fighters however I think that Kuga will win this one as while Ramonal always comes to fight he very rarely gets the win and I don’t see it being much different here.

The next bout on this card is between two more evenly matched fighters in Marina Sayama and Yume Hirayama. They are fighting for the vacant Japanese Female Fly weight title over 6 rounds. This is actually a rematch of a fight that happened in 2017 where Hirayama won by decision. I expect the same result here because she has youth on her side however it should be a competitive contest.

Another good under card bout is Genjiro Shigeoka vs Rey Loreto. Shigeoka is a prospect who is being fast tracked to the top and in only his 5th fight is taking on Loreto who is a veteran of the minimum weight division. He fought for a world title in 2017 and so if Shigeoka looks impressive here we can expect too see him challenge for a title within his next 3 or 4 fights. I’ve been impressed with him so far and I expect him to win a world title in his career at the least.

The first world title fight i’ll be covering on this card is Miyo Yoshida vs Li Ping Shi for the WBO Female Super Flyweight world title. I expect Yoshida to retain on points as I don’t think Shi has the experience at 21 to beat her yet though I do think if she stays dedicated to boxing she will win a title at some point.

Kazuto Ioka takes on 2016 Olympian Jeyvier Cintron for the WBO World super flyweight title. I think Ioka should have a bit too much for Cintron here who I think will be overwhelmed late on because he’s been pushed a little too fast. He could however surprise me but it would be a big achievement beating Ioka who is a 4 division champ himself.

The last fight on this card is Kosei Tanaka vs Wulan Tuolehazi for the WBO Fly weight world title. This is Tanaka’s third defence of his title and one that I think he will retain his title as while Wulan is a good fighter he isn’t on the level of Tanaka and as long as Tanaka doesn’t have issues making the weight he should keep his title here either by points or very late stoppage.

Thank you for reading my preview this week as I know theres not a lot of main stream boxing on so most people might not be as interested in whos fighting but I still think they deserve to be mentioned as they are all quality fighters. As usual I hope all the the boxers get home safe and that you all enjoy this weeks boxing and until next week enjoy!

Alexander Besputin vs Radzhab Butaev review

As there isn’t a lot of boxing taking place in the next few weeks its given me the opportunity to go back and watch fights that I missed when they first took place. One of these fights is Besputin vs Butaev for the vacant WBA Welterweight championship of the world. This was a very even fight on paper and one I was looking forward too however on the day I decided to watch the Tete vs Casimero card instead. Before the fight I leaned slightly towards Besputin because he had been facing the slightly better competition between the two of them and I thought this would help him grind out a close decision.

Lots of fights that look excellent on paper end up being not all that great in the ring but this fight lived up to expectations. It had a great narrative of the Bear and the Hyena as their different styles matched up for a fight that swung one way and then the other. Besputin took on the role of the Hyena staying on the outside using quick raiding attacks before darting out of range knowing that he couldn’t stand and trade. Butaev never stopped walking forward knowing he was the stronger , harder hitting man of the two and like a bear with a hyena he knew that Besputin couldn’t hurt him while if he caught Besputin cleanly then it would be all over.

In the first few rounds Besputin used his superior footwork and angles to outwork and outscore Butaev who had noticeably slower feet and little head movement. As it looked like this pattern would continue Butaev upped the pressure not allowing Besputin a moment to breath as he took the next few rounds using his brute strength combined with letting his hands go more. He even hurt Besputin for 20 seconds but Besputins head movement meant he was able to make it out.


Again when it looked like one fighter was going to start dominating the fight another momentum change occured with Besputin getting back to his boxing picking off the lumbering Butaev after it looked in the previous round that he was going to be ground down and stopped by Butaev’s non stop pressure. This pattern continued for the rest of the fight with Besputin winning rounds due to superior footwork and hand speed and then Butaev coming back to win two rounds due to his determination and strength.


After Besputin won the 11th round I had Butaev needing a stoppage in the 12th to win and by god did he go for it. Butaev must have known he needed it because he went at Besputin for all three minutes of the round while Besputin for the most part looked to try and move around the ring to see out the fight. Butaev in the final minute almost got Besputin down but he managed to get to the final bell and in this case the Hyena out smarted the Bear.

In the end I had the fight 7 rounds to 5 to Besputin which shows how close of a fight it was and I just want to give credit to both men for giving us such an entertaining contest. It had all the things a great fight needs , two evenly matched fighters , A narrative (they had been rivals since the amateurs) and momentum swings in the fight. It really ticked all the boxes and I’d highly recommend you watch it if you haven’t already. All in all it was an excellent fight and I can’t wait to see where each go in their careers , hopefully towards a trilogy if we could be so lucky!

William Warburton completes 200 pro bouts

William Warburton competed in his 200th pro bout against Jake Whittaker on the 20th December 2019. Warburton has been a professional since 2009 where after winning his debut he took to the road testing prospects around the country. Many of those he faced have retired now while he still carries on travelling the hard road of being a journeyman. Warburton joins a small club of fighters that have competed in 200 bouts or more with most of the newer fighters in that club being journeymen like himself.

After his 200th fight he was presented with two centurion helmets as an award for completing 200 fights. I thought this was a nice touch as its an important job that men like Warburton do and its good that its recognised by people in the boxing world that have the means to give them something for achieving things in their careers even if its not as glamorous as world titles.

Warburton is given gifts after his fight.

Warburton has only been stopped 3 times in his career which is an incredible feat and shows how good he is at his job. It also shows how tough he is going the distance with prospect after prospect week after week. I’d like to congratulate Warburton on competing in 200 bouts as its quite an achievement and takes serious dedication.

Daniel Dubois vs Kyotaro Fujimoto thoughts and reaction

Dubois carried on looking impressive on Saturday night as he pole axed outmatched Fujimoto in the second round of a scheduled 12. I think Dubois is one of the best heavyweight prospects right now but this fight didn’t show me anything that I didn’t know. We know he’s got punch power and a good jab. We also know as he showed in this fight is that he adjusts as the fight goes on. In the first round a lot of his shots were missing or going over the top of Fujimoto because of his short height of 6ft for a heavyweight. Fujimoto was also unwilling to throw shots in the first round and seemed to have a journeymen mentality about him. In the second round he tried to let his hands go and every time he tried Dubois countered and put him down. The first time with a ramrod jab and the second time with a perfectly placed hook that left Fujimoto senseless on the floor. I’m impressed with how focused Dubois is even with these match ups that are complete mismatches. He does his job and gets his opponents that aren’t on his level out of there quickly and normally with a highlight KO. I wasn’t very impressed with Fujimoto but its no surprise as he’s struggled with people moving from middleweight to heavyweight and his best days were spent in kick boxing. I think that’s the last time Fujimoto will be in a big fight and I think he should perhaps think about retirement as hes just had a good payday and international exposure. If he fights again hopefully its one last one in front of his home fans before he hangs up the gloves knowing he’s played even a small part in the growing Heavyweight division.

Dubois KO’s Fujimoto

I’d Like Dubois to be stepped up now to fighting good names that are perhaps a little past their best. Good ones would be Mariusz Wach who just had a good fight with an out of shape Whyte and has fought many big names in the division. Another would be Robert Helenius who’s another good name whos also fought some top competition and would be a good measuring stick for a prospect like Dubois. One other name would be Johann Duhaupas whos fought Wilder and a host of other top names. He’s also been very durable throughout his career so he could test Dubois stamina in a fight that lasts longer than 5 rounds.

My final thoughts are that Dubois did what he was supposed too and continues to impress however I feel that hes ready to have a step up to European / Fringe world level now so that hes prepared for when he challenges for the world titles.

Jermell Charlo vs Tony Harrison 2 and the weeks boxing

This week we have a packed boxing schedule with some important fights which will effect next years boxing in a significant way.

The first card I’m interested in is Richard Riakporhe vs Jack Massey for the vacant British Cruiser weight title. This is a good match up and on paper at least should lead to a knockout. Riakporhe is building a good resume at domestic level and I expect him to use his experience in the big fights to win here likely by knockout. Jack Massey isn’t a bad fighter at all but he’s never faced a fighter as good as Riakporhe and hasn’t been all that active. I will say he has an alright jab which he uses vs journeymen whether he’ll have the confidence to throw it against Riakporhe we will see. I think if he does Riakporhe will counter when he throws it and finish the fight but its a good fight and i’m glad both took the fight. Also on this card Luther Clay fights Freddy Kiwitt for a minor WBO ranking belt. Clay is coming off a good win in Italy and I think he can continue his recent success here by beating Kiwitt on points in a competitive fight. I think Clay could be one of the best Welterweight fighters domestically and I’d like to see Eddie Hearn sign him if he wins.

Kieron Conway fights Craig O’Brian over 10 rounds while he waits for the opportunity to fight the bigger names next year. Conway should win on points here though O’Brian isn’t a bad fighter and I’m glad Conway is building his resume rather than fighting journeymen while he waits. Craig Richards fights Chad Sugden over 8 rounds in a fight I really wasn’t expecting. Richards is mandatory to the British Light Heavy title so I presume this is a tickover fight for him. Sugden has a good record of 11-1 but it looks likes he’s taken the fight at short notice. I expect Richards to get the KO here.

The rest of the fights are journeymen vs prospects which will feature Shannon Courtenay in her 5th fight, Donte Dixon in his second fight and Franklin Ignatius , Malik Kareem, Ibrahim Nadim in their professional debuts. Out of these I’d watch Ignatius as he seems like he could be in some entertaining fights in the heavyweight division.

The Next card that i’m highlighting comes out of Germany and for this one i’m only bothered about one fight. That fight is Christian Hammer vs Saul Farah. Hammer is coming off of a points loss to Luis Ortiz while Saul Farah has been fighting in Bolivia. Hammer will win by KO here before I imagine taking on a prospect like Tony Yoka or Daniel Dubois. Saul Farah is entertaining because he appears all the time on the schedule and you never know who he’ll be fighting.

The next card comes from Australia where Billy Dib (yes he’s still fighting… somehow) takes on the untested Van Thao Tran. This fight could end up in a big upset if Dib isn’t careful and Tran adjusts to the weight properly. Billy Dib is washed up now and thats why hes bringing Tran up from Bantamweight to fight him at super featherweight. I personally hope Tran wins because I don’t want to watch Billy Dib fight on the world stage again which he likely won’t even if he wins this. On the undercard 2016 Olympian Daniel Lewis fights Rivo Kundimang over 10 rounds. Lewis is being moved at a relatively quick pace which is nice to see considering his Olympic pedigree however this fight shouldn’t be as competitive as a few of his previous fights considering his opponent is coming from super light weight to fight at super welterweight. Daniel Lewis can use his size advantage to win by early KO here.

A card from Russia which i’m interested in is headlined by Denis Lebedev vs Thabiso Mchuno. Lebedev is a former world champion however he is 40 now so i’m not sure if he has plans to have one last run or whether this is a farewell fight for him. Mchuno has been in with Names such as Usyk but shouldn’t have enough to beat Lebedev and win the vacant WBC Silver cruiser weight title. Elsewhere on the card Aidos Yerbossynuly fights Omar Garcia over 10 rounds for his WBA International super middle weight title. Aidos is a good fighter and should win by KO here to continue his run towards a world title sometimes in the next 18 months. Him vs Bektemir next year after one fight each could perhaps be made as an eliminator for a title though I doubt the fight gets made.

Moving over to Thailand Apichet Petchmanee fights Ari Agustian over 10 rounds in a non title fight. Apichet was expected to do big things when he turned pro but after not looking so great in his last few fights the hype has died down. If he wants to continue towards a title he needs to win here and most likely by KO especially as just two fights ago Agustian was fighting at Featherweight and he’s now at lightweight. If Ari Agustian wins he makes a name for himself and can be in big fights in the future so its an extremely important fight for both men.

The biggest card in the UK this week is headlined by Daniel Dubois vs Kyotaro Fujimoto. A few ranking belts are on the line which Dubois will look to win to advance himself up the sanctioning body rankings. This shouldn’t be very competitive and I think Dubois should beat Fujimoto within 3 rounds. Dubois is one of the best heavyweight prospects while Fujimoto has won a split decision vs a career super welterweight. He’s also not been that active while Dubois has and is giving up every advantage coming into this fight including height, reach and weight. Dubois has had a good year and as long as he’s active I don’t mind him fighting this level of opponent while he’s still at an early stage of his career.

On the undercard Liam Williams fights Alantez Fox in a WBO Middleweight weight world title eliminator. Liam Williams is a favourite here however I think with the right game plan the 6,4 Fox can use his height and reach to win a decision. I think the likely result is that fox wins some early rounds before Williams works him out and stops him late.

Sunny Edwards fights Marcel Braithwaite for the vacant British Super Fly weight title on this card over 12 rounds. Edwards is a top prospect at the weight who I think will win in dominant fashion here. He doesn’t have much power so I think he’ll either win wide on points or by a late corner stoppage. Braithwaite isn’t a bad fighter and he should get credit for taking the fight where others haven’t but he shouldn’t be anywhere near the level of Sunny Edwards considering he’s gone life and death with two journeymen even if they are half decent fighters. The rest of the undercard is full of prospects vs journeymen with lucien Reid , Tommy Fury and James Branch making an appearance.

Over in America Tony Harrison fights Jermell Charlo for the second time for the WBC Super welter weight world title. Their first fight was controversial with people split on whether Harrison or Charlo won. Both men believe they won and they have real bad blood between them. Harrison defied the odds and became a world champion in their last fight but he’ll have to do it again here as Jermell Charlo is the favourite in the bookmakers. I think Charlo will regain his world title by either a close points decision or a late stoppage. He seems very focused and has been more active while Harrison has been recovering from injury.

On the undercard Efe Ajagba takes on Iago Kiladze over 10 rounds in the heavyweight division. Ajagba is another heavyweight prospect which you don’t want to miss. He has real power and while he fights quite upright hes only 25 so he can get much better. He should be able to KO Kiladze within 4 or 5 rounds after having had a bit of a tougher time last fight when he went the distance with a fellow Olympian.

The last card that I’ll be previewing is Daniel Jacobs vs Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. They fight over 12 rounds for no title as this is Jacob’s first fight at super middleweight. Jacobs has had huge fights vs Canelo , GGG at middleweight and now wants to have more big fights at super middleweight where he won’t have to strain to make the weight. Chavez has been picked because he’s the son of the legend Julio Cesar Chavez and is still a big name in boxing circles. Jr is no where near as good or as dedicated as his dad and I think this will be very one sided which may lead to Chavez being pulled out by his corner.

On the undercard Julio Cesar Martinez Aguilar fights Cristofer Rosales for the vacant WBC fly weight world title over 12 rounds. Aguilar fought for this title back in August where he dropped the champion Charlie Edwards before hitting him while he was down on a knee meaning he couldn’t continue. The fight was declared a no contest and Edwards vacated the belt because of issues making weight. If Aguilar hadn’t have hit Edwards while he was down he would already be a world champion but in the heat of the moment i can understand how it happens. Rosales has actually held this title before and so this is his opportunity to become a two time champion. He ended up getting out boxed by Edwards to lose his title but he has the chance to redeem himself here. I think Aguilar will win in a close fight as I think he’s a real quality fighter and could become a big deal in the lower divisions.

Maurice Hooker returns vs Ureil Perez after losing his super lightweight title last time out. He should be able to box to a decision here however Perez has good power so if he can land on Hooker clean he can come away with the biggest win of his career. If Hooker chooses to stay at super light weight then I think this is a real possibility in this fight.

Liam Smith continues his journey to becoming a world champion again by facing Roberto Garcia over 10 rounds. This wouldn’t be a bad fight but Garcia has had less than a weeks notice and also at 39 doesn’t have as much left in the tank as he used too. Liam Smith will win a points decision or late stoppage here.

Daniyar Yeleussinov takes on Alan Sanchez over 10 rounds in a welterweight contest. Yeleussinov is a gold medalist and will be looking to achieve the same levels of success in the pro ranks. He looked good last time out after not performing as expected in a few fights. I personally think that the better the competition is the better he will look. Sanchez is the best fighter he’s faced to date but I think he’ll perform well and knock him out within 5 rounds. When fighters come to win he’ll have more opportunities to hit them and look good which is what I predict will happen here. Josh Kelly fights Wiston Campos in a come back fight after drawing vs Ray Robinson in his last fight. He should win by early KO here. Gabriel Rosado fights Humberto Gutierrez Ochoa over 10 rounds in a fight thats only happening because they needed Rosado to be ready to fight Jacobs in case something happened with Chavez Jr which has happened in the past. Rosado should be able to pull of his first win since 2017 here which will be nice as he’s been fed to the wolves for most of his career. Saying that it has meant hes been in more big fights than fighters like him would normally have. Reshat Mati and Raymond Ford both fight Journeymen on the undercard as they look to progress with the early parts of their careers.

Theres so much boxing this week going on and unfortunately over half of it will be hard to find live footage of. I’m glad I was able to do a full preview of the weeks boxing even if it did take me several hours. I think the fights I’m most looking forward to are Aguilar vs Rosales and watching Dubois because whoever hes against hes entertaining. As always I hope all the boxers get home safely and that you all enjoy the boxing this week I’ll be back here with another preview next week but until then enjoy!

Terence Crawford vs Mean Machine and the weeks boxing

Crawford fights Egidijus Kavaliauskas tonight at Madison Square Garden. Most think this won’t be competitive at all but I think Crawford will likely win on points in a competitive fight. On the undercard Richard Commey defends his IBF lightweight world title vs up and comer Teofimo Lopez. I think Commey’s power will see him defeat the odds and retain his IBF lightweight title. Micheal Conlan fights Vladimir Nikitin in a fight which serves no purpose for Conlan’s professional career. This is purely so Conlan can get his revenge against Nikitin who he felt he beat in the Olympics but was robbed of his deserved medal. Nikitin hasn’t looked good as a pro and Conlan should win on points or a late stoppage depending how washed Nikitin is.

I’ve started writing this very late so I can’t do my usual breakdown of all the good cards unfortunately. That’s on me though and I’ll have a full breakdown next week like usual. I hope all the fighters get home safely and that you enjoy the boxing. Like usual I’ll be doing my breakdown of the weeks fights next week, so until then enjoy!